Author: Carl Levesque

Carl has been a part of the AWEA team since 2006. He brings both his expertise in communications as well as experience with the evolving wind energy industry to the job of overseeing AWEA's online and written publications including the Wind Energy Weekly, WINDPOWER Update, WINDPOWER Today, and various print materials.
He has worked as a journalist in the energy industry as a staff writer for Public Utilities Fortnightly magazine and in the association sector as senior editor at Association Management magazine. He also has covered the home-building industry, where his areas of greatest interest were sustainable development and "smart growth," and has written articles for numerous other publications as a freelance writer.
Carl received his B.A. from James Madison University and spent some time in New Orleans employed as a teacher as well as working with homeless youth.


  • North Dakota wind farm shows made-in-USA credentials of industry

    29 January 2015 by Carl Levesque

    Photo of Pantex Wind Farm via Flickr user National Nuclear Security Administration with a Creative Commons license. Over half the value of U.S. wind farms is now made-in-the-USA. This means…

  • the latest to see wind’s value

    21 January 2015 by Carl Levesque

    Image via Flickr user soumit with a Creative Commons license. Technology companies and other non-utility entities have been purchasing wind power for years now, and the trend is only accelerating.…

  • Report: U.S. wind power can lead the way on 50 percent renewables by 2030

    15 January 2015 by Carl Levesque

    Millicent, Australia (Clarke)   Renewables can compose half of the U.S.’s electricity by 2030, with the bulk of the new capacity coming from wind power. That’s according to an International…

  • A step forward: California Governor proposes 50 percent renewables

    8 January 2015 by Carl Levesque

    Creative Commons: Jeff Hayes, 2008 California already has one of the nation’s strongest renewable energy targets, and now Governor Jerry Brown wants to make it even stronger. Using his January…

  • Report finds Iowa’s wind jobs come out on top

    19 December 2014 by Carl Levesque

    Photo from AWEA's Flickr, all rights reserved A new report on advanced energy employment in Iowa shows that the wind industry employs an impressive 3,600-plus workers in the Hawkeye State.…

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