Author: Carl Levesque

Carl has been a part of the AWEA team since 2006. He brings both his expertise in communications as well as experience with the evolving wind energy industry to the job of overseeing AWEA's online and written publications including the Wind Energy Weekly, WINDPOWER Update, WINDPOWER Today, and various print materials.
He has worked as a journalist in the energy industry as a staff writer for Public Utilities Fortnightly magazine and in the association sector as senior editor at Association Management magazine. He also has covered the home-building industry, where his areas of greatest interest were sustainable development and "smart growth," and has written articles for numerous other publications as a freelance writer.
Carl received his B.A. from James Madison University and spent some time in New Orleans employed as a teacher as well as working with homeless youth.


  • Siting Seminar key event in always-evolving industry segment

    26 February 2015 by Carl Levesque

    Wind industry professionals at an AWEA event (Photo by AWEA). One commonality of the AWEA Seminar lineup is that the events provide the best opportunity on the calendar for members…

  • Report: Nebraska's $1 billion from renewables just scratching the surface

    19 February 2015 by Carl Levesque

    Image from A Renewable America. More than $1 billion of investment in renewable energy has generated over 22,000 jobs for Nebraska alone, a recently released report finds. The report comes…

  • Google’s newest purchase highlights the wind industry’s progress

    13 February 2015 by Carl Levesque

    Altamont Pass' old wind turbines, via Flickr user Rick Harris with a Creative Commons license. From Harvard to Amazon, several unexpected organizations are turning to wind power. Google is the…

  • Annual hike provides a taste of Wild and wind power

    12 February 2015 by Carl Levesque

    On May 9, participants will take part in the 30th annual Windmill-Wildflower Hike on the Pacific Coast Trail (PCT). The PCT, recently made all the more famous by the Cheryl…

  • Wind powers factories (and not just BMW's)

    5 February 2015 by Carl Levesque

    On Sunday evening, during the annual television-commercial showcase known as the Super Bowl, viewers got a chuckle from a spot showing a 1990s Today Show clip of hosts Bryant Gumbel…

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