Author: Mary Kate Francis

Mary Kate educates AWEA members and allies on wind energy-related policy issues and helps them communicate and build relationships with their legislators. She also fundraises for AWEA’s political action committee, WindPAC. Mary Kate enjoys being part of an industry that is expanding the amount of electricity our country generates from clean, homegrown renewable energy.


  • The Latest Wind Energy Information

    5 May 2014 by Mary Kate Francis

    Recently, AWEA released its Annual Market Report for 2013, as well as its First Quarter 2014 Market Report.  The reports show the real difference that wind power can continue to…

  • Wind energy policy moves forward in the U.S. Senate

    15 April 2014 by Mary Kate Francis

    Across the country, wind power supporters are thanking their legislators for taking an important step forward in the effort to extend the renewable energy Production Tax Credit (PTC). The Senate…

  • Keeping the renewable energy Production Tax Credit in perspective

    11 April 2014 by Mary Kate Francis

    Sen. Grassley (R-IA) spoke up about the “intellectually dishonest argument” that bubbled to the surface at a Senate Finance Committee hearing on April 3rd. His remarks were in response to…

  • Bode joins national leaders at Clean Energy Summit

    23 February 2009 by Mary Kate Francis

    “I have good news for you – 8,300 megawatts of wind energy were installed in the U.S. last year, and 70 new manufacturing facilities were opened, expanded or announced in…