Author: Natalie Jacewicz

Natalie Jacewicz works as a consultant in D.C. In her spare time, she writes about environmental issues.


  • Wind energy in the 2014 elections

    16 October 2014 by Natalie Jacewicz

      As midterm elections approach, candidates are more concerned than ever with job creation. Many incumbents and challengers alike are turning to clean energy as a source of major job…

  • Wind offers climate-concerned citizens an affordable solution

    25 September 2014 by Natalie Jacewicz

    On Sunday, just two days before this week's United Nations Climate Summit, 400,000 people took to New York City's streets for the People's Climate March - making it the largest…

  • Editorials in Kansas: Time for policymakers to stand behind RPS

    17 September 2014 by Natalie Jacewicz

    Kansans want wind energy projects to stay in their state. And they want leadership in their state to support policies promoting wind power's growth. Several challenges to the Kansas renewable…

  • Polls continue to show Americans support wind power

    11 September 2014 by Natalie Jacewicz

    There's no denying it: Americans want more wind power. A recent series of polls in the Midwest continues to show Americans support wind farms and want more of them. Seven…

  • A beautiful view: Artist Brian Ritchard captures American wind power with his brush

    27 August 2014 by Natalie Jacewicz

    As wind energy spreads across the country, its signature white turbines have become identified with American optimism and ingenuity. Artist Brian Ritchard’s series of turbine paintings pay homage to this…