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    Oil company funding anti-global warming effort? Shocking!

    This falls into the category of, “we knew that but it's nice to have more evidence.” The left-wing environmental group Greenpeace has published a report showing that Koch Industries, a little-known U.S. energy conglomerate, has been funding research and lobbying by other interest groups opposed to climate change legislation. Greenpeace says, “From...

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    President Obama turns back to energy; can RES be next?

    With the health care ship finally set sail, the Obama Administration today returned to energy policy, perhaps hoping to begin setting the stage for action in Congress later this year on an energy bill that includes climate change provisions as well as a renewable energy standard (RES). Obama delivered an energy speech...

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    Groundbreaking for tower manufacturing plant in Michigan

    Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm was joined by U.S. Rep. John Dingell and a host of local, state, and federal officials at the groundbreaking ceremony today for a new manufacturing facility that will construct wind turbine towers in Monroe, MI. “Clean energy is one of the economic sectors we've targeted in our ongoing...

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    Turbine Order to Bring Colo. Factories Online

    Guest blog by AWEA Communications Editor Carl Levesque A just-announced 81-turbine order for utility We Energies’ Glacier Hills wind farm in Wisconsin will help bring new Vestas manufacturing facilities online in Colorado, the turbine manufacturer said this week. The 1.8-MW turbines will be delivered in early 2011, with commissioning for the 145-MW...

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    Pew report documents U.S. losing out on green jobs

    A report this week from the Pew Trusts confirmed what AWEA's numbers have been saying: the United States is losing ground to China and European countries in investing in manufacturing for renewable energy. The report notes that the United States invested $18.6 billion in clean energy in 2009, compared with $34.6 billion...

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    Video Focuses on Cohocton Wind Farm Benefits

    Wind project developer and AWEA member First Wind has produced a very nice and succinct 3-minute video about the benefits of a new wind farm in Cohocton, N.Y. Some representative quotes from local citizens featured in the video: “We've always had wind here … my dad and I have talked about it...

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    Suzlon CEO sounds the call for jobs, RES

    Quote : Only Congress can keep thousands of clean jobs from going abroad at a time when America’s economic recovery demands the creation of millions of new jobs. Lawmakers must pass a renewable-electricity standard that, like those abroad, would require utilities to obtain 15 percent to 20 percent of their electricity from...

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    Anti-wind study funded by…surprise!…U.S. fossil group

    Last year, a research company in Denmark produced a controversial report that questioned the credibility of the Danish wind industry, particularly claims that wind energy reduces carbon emissions. The report raised eyebrows because the Danes are really good at wind energy–for example, they have come up with a system of power shifting...

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