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    Wind Factory Watch: Draka: Kansas

    Draka, a Dutch cable company that is the third largest in Europe, said yesterday that it will open an office in an existing building in Hutchinson, Kans., to provide components to a Siemens wind turbine nacelle factory in that city. The Draka facility will initially be small—plans call for five to 10...

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    Diminishing winds? Not yet …

    It’s a science story that has been around since 1990 or so: global warming, by reducing the temperature difference between Earth’s poles and its equator, will lead to lower wind speeds. It made the rounds again this week, following a new report from a researcher at the University of Texas-Austin on the...

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    New Study: Wind Energy Means Jobs for Illinois

    Illinois’s wind energy supply chain includes more than 100 companies with a total of over 15,000 employees, according to a new report from the Chicago-based Environmental Law & Policy Center. Said the Center in a news release, “From old-line manufacturers who are retooling to build wind turbine components for the new clean...

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    U.S. trailing in wind: another view

    Here’s a nice graphic from the New York Times that summarizes what is happening with the U.S. and wind energy, compared to Europe and China. As we’ve said previously here, it matches the policy disparity between these contenders for global wind energy leadership and new manufacturing jobs. It’s hard to find a...

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    From AEI blog: Greatest hits of disinformation

    Congrats to Kenneth P. Green of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) on a dubious achievement–stuffing the most disinformation on wind into a brief blog post that I’ve seen lately. In a post entitled “Voting Against the Wind?”, Mr. Green crows about the fact that AWEA found it necessary to respond to lies...

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    Illinois study positive on property values

    A new study of property values on land near a major wind farm in Illinois has come up with some interesting findings. Broadly summarized, the study finds that property values were negatively affected before the wind farm was built, but rebounded after it was in place. The study thus adds to a...

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    Wind Factory Watch: URV: MIchigan

    The Lansing State Journal reports that URV USA LLC, which plans to build a foundry in Eaton Rapids, Mich., to manufacture castings for the wind energy industry, said it now plans to hire 275 workers by 2014 instead of 100 as originally planned. URV, a subsidiary of the Finnish company URV Foundry,...

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    Wind Factory Watch: Saertex: North Carolina

    The Charlotte Observer reports that Saertex USA, a subsidiary of a German manufacturer of lightweight, high-strength composite materials is planning to expand an existing factory in Huntersville, N.C., investing $6.5 million and adding 178 new jobs to the 126 positions already at the location. Saertex supplies materials to the wind energy, aerospace,...

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