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    AWEA celebrates Earth Day with the White House

    AWEA CEO Denise Bode attended the White House Reception in the Rose Garden in celebration of the 40th annual Earth Day. In his remarks at the event, President Barack Obama said, “We’ve also renewed our commitment to passing a comprehensive energy and climate bill that will safeguard our planet, and spur innovation...

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    Poll: strong support for wind energy, renewable standard

    Voters overwhelmingly support increasing the use of wind power in the U.S. and adopting a strong Renewable Electricity Standard (RES), according to a national poll released today by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). “The poll's bottom line is clear: An overwhelming majority of American voters, on a bipartisan basis, want more...

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    Real solutions are available for solving wind-radar conflict

    Here is a fact: wind farms and radar can co-exist. AWEA has compiled a document that describes the current state of play on wind and radar conflicts, and also suggests ways that those disputes can be resolved. The fact sheet notes, “The growth necessary to achieve 20% or more of our nation’s...

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    Countering the concern over wind and radar with facts

    In recent months there has been increasing concern about large wind projects being put on hold because of objections from the Defense Department. Wind turbines after all, can interfere with the operation of some radar systems. The latest objections have been voiced concerning projects in the Columbia Gorge area of Oregon, a...

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    New tower manufacturer sets up shop in Tennessee

    As the trade association for the U.S. wind industry, AWEA for months has been asserting that it is vitally important for the health of the industry to increase U.S. manufacturing of components that make up a wind turbine. We have also been saying it is happening. So we were impressed (vindicated?) to...

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    The Nebraska wind story keeps getting better

    Everyone knows how hard it is to get pro-wind federal legislation (like a renewable electricity standard) passed when other issues—like health care, financial regulatory reform, and immigration—are on the agenda. Fortunately, some things are getting done in the states. (Yay federalism.) Take Nebraska as an example. Nebraska has great wind resources, but...

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    AWEA report captures a growing industry in need of targets

    There are both upbeat statistics and cautionary numbers in AWEA’s 2009 market report, which was issued today. The positive news is that U.S. wind energy continues to grow. The industry installed a record amount of wind capacity in 2009, saw new companies entering the market, while 10 new manufacturing plants came online,...

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    House Committee to focus on green jobs incentives

    The House Ways and Committee plans a hearing April 14 to look into the benefits gained from last year’s Recovery Act incentives and consider possible new incentives. In announcing the hearing, Committee Chairman Sander Levin said, “Investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy has major potential to create new jobs and help...

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