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    Notes from the Good Jobs Green Jobs Conference

    The underlying theme at the Good Jobs Green Jobs conference in Washington this week was, “Wind works.” But workers once again risk being the victims of broken policy. The fact is an unstable renewables policy led to an 80 percent drop in the industry’s startups three times in the last decade, in...

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    War against cost-saving super grid

    The New York Times's Matt Wald reports in his blog today on a seemingly surprising coalition of utilities and elected officials that opposes expansion of the nation's electric transmission system. In our view, expressed by Manager of Transmission Policy Michael Goggin, the truth is far less surprising–it's a group of companies using...

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    On the Road with GE’s “Capture the Wind” Blade Tour

    By Emily Caruso Renewables Communications Leader Wind Services & Solar GE Energy This week, a 40 meter (131 foot) blade manufactured by Molded Fiber Glass Industries for GE’s 1.5 MW wind turbine began its journey from Aberdeen, South Dakota towards its final destination – Dallas, Texas – in time for Windpower 2010....

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    Danish wind power and carbon emissions cuts

    Guest blog by John B. Cadogan, Ph.D. The issue of wind energy's contribution to Denmark's electric supply arose in response to an op-ed by Robert Bryce in Sunday's Washington Post in which Bryce alleged that the displacement of carbon dioxide emissions in Denmark by wind energy was a myth. The Huffington Post...

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    Cape Wind gets the green light from Secretary Salazar

    The decision by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to approve the 130-turbine Cape Wind project represents a huge boost to the U.S. wind industry, not just the offshore component. AWEA CEO Denise Bode noted, “Such forward-thinking decisions are necessary for the U.S. to realize the many environmental and economic benefits of offshore wind....

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    Blade road trip to highlight wind energy policy, jobs

    Over the next 28 days a 131-foot long wind turbine blade designed for GE’s 1.5 megawatt wind turbine will be making its way from South Dakota to Dallas, Texas — a total distance of 2,436 miles across 9 states. The road trip began yesterday in Aberdeen, South Dakota, at the Molded Fiber...

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    Myths about myths: The Washington Post doesn't get it

     This past weekend the Washington Post Outlook section published a piece of anti-renewable energy propaganda penned by a fossil fuel advocate. The piece purported to be just another in Outlook's 5 Myths series, designed to debunk conventional wisdom, but it appeared more to be an advertisement for Big Energy that got lost...

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    Potential winners and losers wait for Cape Wind envelope

    We realize that the decade-long Cape Wind saga will not be over until the turbines start to turn or the sponsors walk away from the project. This week may, however, begin a new chapter in the epic, as Interior Secretary Salazar is expected to announce his decision. A “yes” will be a...

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