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    AWEA blasts Schumer effort to shut down wind grant program

    Here is a statement released today by AWEA CEO Denise Bode, in response to a proposal by Sen. Charles Schumer of New York and others to deny Recovery Act grants to projects containing less than 100% U.S. manufactured components: At a time when the construction unemployment rate is nearly 25% and the...

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    Delivering the message on manufacturing and transmission

    Today AWEA CEO Denise Bode joined a panel at the Energy Biz Forum here in Washington. The audience was largely executives from the electric utility industry. “ actually becoming a manufacturing headquarters, with the share of domestically manufactured wind turbine components increasing from 25% before 2005 to over 50% in...

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    Natural gas is natural and pretty clean, but renewable? Nope

    A Washington Post editorial this past weekend suggested that natural gas be included in state renewable portfolio standards and in the federal renewable electricity standard now before Congress. It would be a convenient way to retire some coal plants and reduce greenhouse gases, the Post said. To avoid the obvious argument that...

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    Some wind jobs are coming back

    At AWEA we like to stress that wind energy means jobs–after all, every one of a turbine's 8,000 parts has to be manufactured. Fortunately, some of the jobs lost during the recession are coming back. This week PPG Industries added 180 employees to restart a furnace at its fiber glass plant in...

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    Wind legislation offered in Nebraska legislature

    A proposal offered in the Nebraska legislature would remove some of the longstanding obstacles to wind development in the state, which ranks fourth in wind potential. The wind energy bill was offered this week by State Sen. Chris Langemeier. It is the result of more than a year of study and negotiations...

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    Today's non-renewable energy news of note

    * General Motors announced today that it was ending production of the Hummer vehicle, after a proposed sale to a Chinese firm fell through. * The Vermont Senate today voted not to extend the license of the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant, the state's only reactor, beyond 2012. Extending the license required...

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    Will Wyoming's wind tax send the Golden Goose elsewhere?

     Wyoming is considering imposing a third type of tax on wind energy projects, and it is drawing national scrutiny, even from economists. Last week, the Wyoming wind electricity tax was passed by the Wyoming House, and it is now being considered by the state's Senate. Though not unprecedented, the $1 per megawatt-hour...

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    Steelworkers on foreign companies, jobs

    Last week provided two outstanding examples of what we need to build a strong green economy in America. On Tuesday, Feb. 16, Spanish manufacturer Ingeteam announced that it will build a wind turbine generator manufacturing facility in Milwaukee, creating 270 jobs over the next five years. And on Thursday, Feb. 18, Spanish...

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