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    AWEA CEO Bode reacts to Obama's speech

    AWEA CEO Denise Bode today issued the following statement on President Obama's State of the Union address: Quote : The wind energy industry applauds the President's emphasis on job creation. Under the President's leadership, the Recovery Act saved 40,000 wind jobs. The industry now looks forward to working with the President to...

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    For wind, 2009 was a boom year, but we need RES for jobs

    Today AWEA released its numbers for 2009, and the news was good– record-breaking, in fact. For the year, the wind energy industry installed nearly 10,000 MW of new capacity, compared with last year's record-breaking total of 8,500 MW. Denise Bode, AWEA's CEO, said the Recovery Act incentives played a big role in...

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    Inexpensive and predictable

    Yesterday, the Amarillo Globe-News carried an opinion piece by Public Utilities Commission of Texas Chair Barry Smitherman on how Texas has become a national leader in wind power and how expanding transmission is needed. Two readers posted negative comments, one on costs and the other on a variety of complaints. Here is...

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    Texas PUC Commissioner explains how transmission works there

    Texas is number one in wind energy, not least for its forward-looking approach to getting transmission built to serve its wind projects. Here is an excellent article by the state's Public Utilities Commission Chairman Barry T. Smitherman on how the commission is approaching the prospect of approving transmission in the Texas Panhandle....

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    The New York Times gets it wrong on wind report

    It’s rare that we take on the media directly, but this is one of those Times. This week the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), an institution funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, issued a comprehensive report assessing the feasibility of substantially increasing the use of wind energy in an area known...

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    Wind for Schools program expanding to five more states

    Wind for Schools, the program funded by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to support wind energy education programs at universities, primary and secondary schools, announced a series of $60,000 grants to universities in Alaska, Arizona, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Virginia to lead projects in those states. The grants will help the schools...

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    New study says 20% wind is feasible and will reduce carbon

     A long-awaited, detailed study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) on integrating large amounts of wind energy into the Eastern region of the United States was released today, and the conclusions are very encouraging. “Twenty percent wind is an ambitious goal, but this study shows that there are multiple scenarios through...

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    Texas wind grows even without Pickens

    Back in the summer of 2008 T. Boone Pickens became the nation's biggest booster of wind energy. He spent a fortune on advertising, carried his whiteboard wherever he went, and promised to build the biggest windfarm ever, in Texas. Then the credit market seized, and natural gas boomed, and the wind part...

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