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    More wind jobs in Wisconsin through Recovery Act

    While anti-wind types charge that the Recovery Act is being used to send jobs overseas, Wisconsin is using Recovery Act funds to help finance a new wind turbine blade manufacturing plant in the state. According to news reports, the Energy Composites Corp. (ECC) is using Recovery Act funds as part of the...

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    It's a snow job on wind from ABC News

    Last night, while the world was busy with real news, ABC News presented a fictional account of how the Obama Administration's Recovery Act was being used to ship jobs overseas. Apparently no one at ABC or American University, which sponsored the bogus reporting directly to ABC, understands the way the global economy...

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    Cape Wind gets Washington Post support

    The Cape Wind drama continues; no surprise there. This week Interior Secretary Ken Salazar took a tour of the site of the 420-MW offshore wind farm proposed for Nantucket Sound. At the same time, the Interior Department's Inspector General reported that some federal agencies felt they were being rushed to meet Salazar's...

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    Wildlife Advisory Committee gets closer to the finish line

     What would happen if the wind industry, the regulators, and the conservationists got together to see if they could agree on guidelines for siting wind farms in a way that avoids or minimizes the impact on wildlife? We may be about to find out. Since 2007, a Wind Turbine Guidelines Advisory Committee,...

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    New study shows RES will create 274,000 jobs

    Guest blog by AWEA's Carl Levesque This has turned out to be the week that the need for a national renewable electricity standard (RES) became impossible to ignore. And the drumbeat keeps getting louder. The latest such message: according to a study on jobs and a renewable electricity standard released today from...

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    Global wind up 31% in 2009; U.S., China in footrace to be #1

    There is good news today in the just-released global wind energy numbers: the world’s wind energy capacity grew by 31% in 2009, despite the global recession, and the United States remains the global leader in total wind installed, with more than 35,000 MW. But the numbers are also a warning to the...

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    Community wind project gets go-ahead in Wisconsin

     E Wind LLC has received approval from the Town of Randolph to construct a 30 MW, 18 turbine community wind farm in Columbia County, about 40 miles north of Madison, Wisconsin. The project is unusual because it is locally owned and hopes to sell the electricity to local utilities. The owners must...

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    Explaining what long term policy stability means

     In arguing for the Renewable Electricity Standard, we at AWEA try to explain how a national renewable target will help create the right policy environment that companies need to make investment decisions. But it's better to listen to the companies that will be making the decisions. Here's a statement from Lew Hay,...

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