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    Governors endorse renewable electricity standard

    The bipartisan Governors' Wind Energy Coalition today urged Congress to enact a renewable electricity standard (RES) so that the United States can take full advantage of the nation's considerable wind energy resource. “We offer our assistance in working with Congress and the administration to achieve one of the nation's principal energy goals,...

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    Women in wind highlighted on green site

     The Green Economy Post is highlighting the contributions of prominent women in the wind and solar industries, including several closely connected to AWEA: Jan Blittersdorf, CEO and President of NRG Systems, Rachel Shimshak, the Director of the Renewable Northwest Project (RNP), AWEA Board Member Karen Conover, CEO of DNV Global Energy Concepts,...

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    Wind industry working to meet wildlife challenges

    A huge challenge facing wind developers is how to co-exist with wildlife—and with the laws, regulations and permitting procedures that have been developed to protect it. Two developments last week suggest different approaches for meeting that challenge. First was the Interior Department’s decision not to place the sage grouse on the endangered...

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    KATU-TV swallows fossil-fuel line on wind

    Last Thursday, Portland TV station KATU failed the most elementary principles of journalism by biting hook, line, and sinker and taking a fossil-fuel industry front group’s false and misleading statements about wind energy at face value. The news story begins by claiming that concerns about wind energy “have been raised by some.”...

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    The wind doesn't blow all the time…for the umpteenth time

    Here's a quote from a blog on a website hosted by SNL interaactive, written by Bill Burson: Quote : The main problem is the wind doesn't blow all the time, and the backup generation necessary when the wind stops blowing can generate more pollution than what was saved originally. Public Service Co....

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    Wind industry coming to Washington to fight for jobs

    The U.S. wind industry is descending on Washington this week to make the case for jobs, jobs, and more jobs. John W. Grabner, Executive Director, Cardinal Fastener & Specialty Company, Inc., in Bedford Heights, Ohio, is growing a manufacturing business by fashioning bolts for wind turbines. He says if Congress passes a...

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    RES: Saves $, Creates Jobs … Duh

    OK, so we have been beating the drums for a while about a national Renewable Electricity Standard–talking about how it will save consumers money, create jobs, and help build a clean renewable energy industry in the U.S. Who cares? We're the wind industry, and wind is renewable, so obviously we think it's...

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    Another wind power mark falls in Texas

    Texas, which has far outdistanced other states in building wind farms and will likely widen its lead still further over the next few years, set a record Friday (March 5) for instantaneous wind generation, as detailed by Kate Galbraith in the New York Times Green Inc. blog. The record mark, 6,272 megawatts...

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