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    Across country, editorials spread good news on wind power

    Over the past week, editorials from Texas to North Carolina and Colorado to Michigan have been spreading...

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    Citing low costs, Xcel Energy plans 'significant increase' in wind purchases

    Texas-New Mexico customers to save $590 million in fuel costs over 20 years Xcel Energy subsidiary Southwestern...

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    Support Wind Energy in Texas

    This week, House Bill 3390, extending the Texas Economic Development Act, was reported out of a Senate...

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    Wind generation records fall in Texas, Colorado, Pacific Northwest

    Three more wind electricity generation records were notched recently, in Texas, Colorado, and the Pacific Northwest, as the increased generating capacity installed last year continues to make its presence felt. On February 9, a strong weekend cold front that brought needed rain to much of Texas also propelled the Electric Reliability Council...

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    More new wind generation records: Texas, Spain, UK

    More wind generation records have fallen in recent days, reflecting growing use around the world of this clean, reliable energy source. This week, top billing goes to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), which operates the utility system serving most of the Lone Star State and saw a record January 29,...

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    As wind jobs blow away, pressure for PTC extension rises

    This is cross-posted from AWEA's Into the Wind Blog. As AWEA has been predicting for months, layoffs...

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    Texas system operator tallies new record: 8,368 MW

    ERCOT, the corporation that manages the utility system covering most of the state of Texas, notched yet another wind production record Tuesday, with a high of 8,368 (megawatts) MW generated from wind at 7:25 p.m. A graphic showing total wind capacity installed and hour-by-hour total load and wind generation is available here. ...

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    Wind generation sets new records in Texas, Spain

    The past few weeks have seen more new wind generation records in Texas and Spain, two areas where the clean energy source is providing a growing share of electricity production. On March 18, wind topped out at 7,917 megawatts (MW) on the ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas) system, which covers the...

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    New technology helps Texas system operator blow through wind generation records

    The utility system operator for most of the state of Texas broke its wind power generation record twice last week. But what’s almost as notable is what was behind the record—besides the wind, that is. Wind output reached 7,599 MW at 8:41 p.m. on Wednesday, exceeding the 7,403 MW record from the...

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    Wind tops 25 percent of load on main Texas grid

    Wind-generated electricity briefly topped 25 percent of total electricity supply on the main Texas utility network March 1, and provided 17-23 percent for a roughly 24-hour period on March 2-3, according to data supplied by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), which operates the system. The high point was not quite...

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