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The Truth About Wind Power

The Truth About Wind Power

Wind energy is rapidly expanding our energy mix, affordably and reliably strengthening U.S. energy independence. American ingenuity and improved domestic manufacturing have helped reduce wind power’s costs by 66 percent in the last six years, while technological improvements have made wind economical in more parts of the country. This means wind energy makes financial sense.

Iowa, Kansas and South Dakota all rely on wind to supply more than 20 percent of their electricity, while at times Colorado has produced over 60 percent of its energy with wind. This shows us wind is reliable.

And wind power is the biggest, fastest, cheapest way to cut carbon pollution. In 2014 alone, American wind turbines reduced carbon emissions by the equivalent of 26 million cars’ worth. Wind also saves billions of gallons of water every year, while preventing harmful air pollutants that contribute to asthma attacks and other health complications. Wind energy is a path to a better, cleaner future.









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