10 things you may have missed on social media at WINDPOWER 2014

10 things you may have missed on social media at WINDPOWER 2014

There's a lot going on at this year's WINDPOWER in Las Vegas and that includes a lot of action happening on social media. Attendees are Tweeeting, sharing, posting videos, quoting speakers, and more. Fortunately, we've made a top10 list that highlights just some of the action you may have missed so far while diving into this year's WINDPOWER.

1. Cutting edge quotes and breaking news emerging from industry leaders and and wind power stakeholders during the WINDPOWER General Sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday:

2. Amazing pictures during after-hour events of the Las Vegas landscape:

3. Former Iowa Governor Chet Culver attempting a put at the AWEA Power of Wind booth:

4. Our wind power friends who couldn't make it wishing they could have been here:

5. An insider's look into how the show room floor is brought to life:

6. Fantastic pictures shared from the WINDPOWER 2014 show room floor of attendees and their booths:

7. E.ON & GE's Fascinating "Power Up" video:

8. The Department of Energy posting a video highlighting how they transformed “Sin City into Wind City” for their inaugural Collegiate Wind Competition:


9. Creative wind turbine art being posted on the show floor:

10. The future of wind power taking up an entire escalator:

Thanks to everyone who has posted so far! And remember to use the #WINDPOWER14 hashtag when posting on social media!


David Ward is the primary point of contact for all press inquiries and manage AWEA’s day-to-day media relations. He also oversees media monitoring responsibilities and analyzes trends in the news about wind power. He owns a Master of Arts in Strategic Communications from Villanova University and earned a Commendation for Service from U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid due to work for the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee (DPCC).

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