#AmericanWindWeek 2020: Wind Builds the Future

#AmericanWindWeek 2020: Wind Builds the Future

August is fast approaching, and that means it’s time to start planning for #AmericanWindWeek 2020, happening August 9-15. And to get your creative juices flowing, we’re happy to announce this year’s theme: Wind Builds the Future.

There are so many ways wind is building a better, cleaner future for all Americans:

  • The wind workforce is on the frontlines helping to keep the lights on every day.
  • Clean energy jobs and wind’s investment in rural America and the along the coastlines will play an important role in the post-pandemic economic recovery.
  • Companies are creating a new way of doing business by powering their factories, stores, restaurants, and data centers using wind– proving renewable energy is good for business and the environment.
  • Wind offers America’s veterans a prosperous path forward when they finish their service.
  • Champions at the state and federal level are putting in place supportive policies and committing to bold, achievable goals that will deliver affordable, reliable, clean energy to families and businesses.

There will be a dedicated day highlighting each of these future-building components during #AmericanWindWeek 2020.

Given the challenges our country is currently facing, #AmericanWindWeek 2020 will also look a little different this August. In prior years, in-person events at wind projects, manufacturing facilities, and host communities were the heart of #AmericanWindWeek. However, ongoing social distancing and other public health measures mean we need to take a different approach this go-round.

We’re pleased to announce #AmericanWindWeek 2020 is going all virtual. We’ll harness the power of social media and the digital world to showcase and thank our 120,000+ wind workers, highlight the many ways wind projects are strengthening local communities and aiding in the economic recovery, thank our wind champions, and much more. Send any ideas or suggestions our way at

No matter how you look at it, wind is building a future powered by a strong economy and clean energy. Let’s let the world know during #AmericanWindWeek 2020.


Greg is AWEA's Deputy Director of Communications. He is the head editor and writer for Into the Wind, and oversees AWEA's online content and opinion writing. Greg holds a Master's degree in Global Environmental Policy from American University's School of International Service. He also holds a Bachelor's degree in International Relations and Journalism from Lehigh University.

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