#AmericanWindWeek: Wind power’s opportunity for veterans

#AmericanWindWeek: Wind power’s opportunity for veterans

Welcome to Day 4 of #AmericanWindWeek! Today, we’re saluting the many veterans who play an integral role in wind energy’s American success story. Wind is powering career opportunities for the men and women who serve our country.

Our country’s brave servicemen and women make us proud. Many of them selflessly enlisted in the armed forces and served our country honorably. That is one of the many reasons the wind industry is proud to hire veterans at a 67 percent higher rate than the average U.S. industry.

Many of the skills and knowledge service members learn while doing their jobs serving our country make them a perfect fit for a career in wind. Constructing and operating wind farms requires technical know-how, an appreciation of safety protocol and a strong commitment to the team and mission. Wind companies recognize those skills in our veterans.

Wind jobs are growing fast. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, wind turbine technician is the second-fastest-growing job in the country. That means more opportunities for veterans to make a career switch or to find work after returning to civilian life. These jobs in renewable energy offer them a way to continue their service while providing for their families and communities.

While we celebrate the benefits of wind power during American Wind Week, U.S. wind power wants to recognize and thank the more than 114,000 wind workers across the country, especially veterans working in the industry. These are the people who make wind power and America’s transition to clean, renewable energy possible.

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