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    (Video) Day in the life of a wind farm and its caretakers

    Watch this video to get an exclusive, insider's look at a day in the life of a...

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    Working in wind

    Cross-posted from the blog “Life Among Giants” by Meredith MacDonald. In September of 2010, I set foot...

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    Top 10 AWEA Blogs from 2013

    AWEA is ringing in the New Year by providing you with a list of our Top 10...

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    WSJ's 'six myths about renewables': More good news

    There are a lot of good stories to share about the affordability and reliability of wind power....

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    Across country, editorials spread good news on wind power

    Over the past week, editorials from Texas to North Carolina and Colorado to Michigan have been spreading...

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    Honoring leading women in the wind power industry

    In honor of Women’s History Month, we’d like to take a moment to highlight just some of the many talented women leaders in the wind energy industry. Without these women leading the way, wind power would not be where it is today. We look forward to future generations of women helping to...

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    Fact check: Graybeal story relies on IER, misses facts

    Recently, Yahoo.com carried an article by Susan Graybeal, who unfortunately relied on the Institute for Energy Research (IER), an anti-wind group funded by fossil fuel interests, for a discussion of the wind energy industry's prospects. With the January 1 extension of the production tax credit (PTC), the wind energy industry is getting...

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    Top 10 Mythbusters from 2012

    AWEA is ringing in the New Year by showing off some of its best work in 2012. The following 10 articles, letters, op-eds, and blog posts highlight some of our best efforts to counter inaccurate and misleading information about wind power in the news. Let’s all enjoy the trip down memory lane...

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    Fact check: Heritage works busily to create new wind myths

    The Heritage Foundation’s blog recently carried a post concerning so-called wind myths. Unfortunately, as might be expected from a bitterly anti-wind (and, of course, fossil-fuel-funded) group, the result was more myths and falsehoods. With the Production Tax Credit (PTC) set to expire at the end of the month unless renewed by Congress,...

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    Fact check: AWEA would love for you to know everything about wind energy

    Recently, opponents of wind power have clamored for audiences to learn everything there is to know about wind–definitely a worthwhile goal. One attack piece, from a fossil-fuel funded group, suggested there are things about wind we’d like to hide. On the contrary—we are happy to help inform readers, and have been doing...

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