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    Opinion: What critics of wind power's incentive miss

    The following article by AWEA CEO Denise Bode appeared yesterday on the Huffington Post website. As the prospect of Congress extending wind energy's primary incentive, the federal Production Tax Credit (PTC), has grown in recent weeks, so have both support and criticism. On the positive side, the Des Moines Register, Denver Post,...

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    Why extending the PTC is good policy

    The following was posted as a response to a question about the Production Tax Credit on the National Journal Energy Experts blog. As I'm sure most readers know by now, the wind energy production tax credit (PTC) advanced last Thursday, winning strong bipartisan support from the Senate Finance Committee. We applaud the...

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    The wisdom of investing in wind power

    This letter to the editor ran in the Washington Post over the weekend. Charles Lane [“Government’s bad...

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    Bode: Extend wind incentive now

    This article was submitted to the National Journal's Energy Experts blog in response to a discussion question on changes Congress should consider in the tax code relating to energy policy. One of the most urgent items on Congress's tax agenda should be renewing the federal wind energy Production Tax Credit (PTC) as...

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    PTC extension can avert boom and bust

    This article was submitted to the National Journal's Energy Experts blog in response to a discussion question on whether the renewable energy industries face a 'bust' in the future after the boom of recent years. Boom-and-bust is extremely disruptive to new, growing industries.  Instead of making strategic business plans and executing them,...

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    Fact check: Giuliani misinformed on wind's contribution

    The following letter was sent Friday to former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani following a recent appearance on CNN. Dear Mr. Mayor, ¬† I wanted to send a quick correction regarding a statement you made about wind and solar accounting for “only one percent of what produces our source of electrical...

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    What's at stake: new manufacturing jobs

    Cross-posted from National Journal's Energy & Environment Expert Blog.   As a new study released yesterday by Navigant Consulting reveals, one of the things at stake in year-end legislative deliberations, although it would be included in a tax bill, rather than a spending bill, is new American manufacturing jobs in the wind...

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    Don't hit wind with job-killing tax hike

    Cross-posted from National Journal's Energy & Environment Expert Blog. Congress should extend the renewable energy production tax credit (PTC) before the end of this year. Here is why: First, American manufacturing jobs are coming back, with tens of thousands of new jobs from wind power. But these jobs could vanish if Congress...

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    How to avert a 'clean-energy crisis'

    Cross-posted from National Journal's Energy & Environment Expert Blog. If clean energy is headed for a crisis in America, it will be a crisis of our own making. Wind energy is humming along right now, creating one of the fastest growing manufacturing sectors and accounting for more than a third of all...

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    Consistent policy is key to competing with other countries

    The following post replies to a question from National Journal to its "energy experts" list.  The question was as follows: Is America Losing the Clean Energy Race? Is the United States losing to countries like China in the global race to develop clean-energy technologies? One top House Republican, Cliff Stearns of Florida,...

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