Celebrating Global Wind Day in Washington, DC

Celebrating Global Wind Day in Washington, DC

AWEA celebrated Global Wind Day a few days early in its DC office, taking advantage of the few minutes between rainstorms to host the second annual turbine construction competition at nearby McPherson Square Park.

AWEA fielded two teams against groups from other organizations downtown. The competition was fierce.

At the end of the day, it was team Turbinators who took home top prize, successfully generating enough current to light a small LED using the power of the wind. Team AWEA learned that perhaps it’s best to leave building turbines to the professionals.

Win or lose, it was a treat to take advantage of today’s pockets of sunshine and promote wind power to the DC public at the same time. The United States is a global wind leader, with 61 gigawatts of installed capacity at the end of 2013, enough to power the equivalent of more than 15.5 million American homes.

All over the globe, wind power is transforming the way people get their energy.



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