Congress Extends Renewable Energy Tax Credits

Congress Extends Renewable Energy Tax Credits

Thank Your Legislators Today!

Thanks to your tireless efforts throughout 2012, Congress extended the renewable energy production tax credit (PTC) and investment tax credit (ITC) as part of their fiscal cliff bill.  President Obama signed these extensions into law on January 2, 2013.  These extensions have enabled companies to restart project development, place manufacturing orders, and re-hire employees.

The renewable energy tax credit extensions accounted for a very small piece of H.R. 8, The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012.  Therefore, your legislator's vote in favor of or in opposition to this bill cannot be directly correlated to his or her support for the renewable energy tax credits.  However, if you would like to see how your legislators voted on this bill, the Senate votes are available here and the House votes are available here.  

We encourage you to share the positive developments that the wind industry has seen since the tax credits' extensions with all legislators who served in the 112th Congress.  Please take a moment to email your legislators today.  We have drafted a template message for you, but encourage you to personalize your note, as that will have a greater impact when it is received in your legislator's office.


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