Excitement building for WINDPOWER 2014

Excitement building for WINDPOWER 2014

WINDPOWER 2014 is truly shaping up to be a special one for the annual industry gathering. Following are just a few things that are in the works. First of all, on the program side:

Honest Tea CEO Seth Goldman: One of the foremost business leaders of our time when it comes to turning a profit while tackling global problems and having an impact, Seth Goldman started his company, Honest Tea, out of his kitchen. Find out how he built a hugely successful company that got acquired by Coca-Cola and is still making a difference.

Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy: Dr. David Danielson has a background like no other, and today he’s using it to lead the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. Danielson is a former venture capitalist who understands the value and promise of the multibillion dollar wind energy industry.

Large Turbine Manufacturer Forum: This is a WINDPOWER favorite, and a must for many people. You might say it’s the biggest session that’s not a General Session.  Why? It features executives from the companies—original equipment manufacturers (OEM)—that reside at the heart of the industry supply chain and industry itself. What is each respective OEM’s strategy going forward? What is each executive’s prediction for the total megawatt installations for this year? Find out at the Large Turbine Manufacturer Forum.

Meanwhile, on the networking side:

Annual Golf Open: It’s been a WINDPOWER tradition for years, and this time around there’s a grand prize of $60,000 on the line—if, that is, you can get a hole in one. Suzlon always puts on a fantastic event, so if you’ve ever swung a club—or wanted to—now’s your chance.

Receptions and fun: The best way to network is to do it in a relaxed and social setting. That’s why WINDPOWER features many receptions, starting with the Opening Reception on Monday at the House of Blues. There’s also a great Exhibit Hall Happy Hour on Tuesday that attendees always enjoy. Add to that a Poster Reception, Extended Booth Receptions, and so on—in other words, opportunities are seemingly endless to network and just have fun. Get more info here.

Cirque du Soleil: What would a trip to Vegas be without Cirque du Soleil? WINDPOWER organizers have made it easy for you to catch one of the group’s top-billed shows: Michael Jackson: ONE. With a purchase of a ticket to the show, WINDPOWER attendees will be able to sit together and enjoy the spectacle. Better still, dessert and drinks will follow for WINDPOWER attendees at the intriguing Eyecandy Sound Lounge.

Stay active on social media, Twitter: Our official hashtag this year is #WINDPOWER14. Staying engaged on social media channels like Twitter and Facebook offers you another way to connect with fellow attendees and get the most out of your WINDPOWER experience. In fact, the fun has already started, click here to see: http://bit.ly/windpower14.

We could go on. Those are just a few highlights of a very deep program and diverse schedule of events.

AWEA hopes to see you all at WINDPOWER. Please don’t delay, though—Prices go up May 4, so register today. Meantime, all things WINDPOWER can be found at www.windpowerexpo.org.

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