Expanding Minnesota’s Renewable Electricity Supply

Expanding Minnesota’s Renewable Electricity Supply

Minnesota currently has a 25% by 2025 renewable energy standard (RES).  This means that the state has a policy in place, an RES, that calls on the state’s utility companies to secure a growing percentage of their electricity from renewable resources.  The policy calls for utilities to secure 25% of their electricity from renewables by the year 2025, and meet smaller benchmark targets along the way.  There is a higher target specifically for utility company Xcel Energy – 30% by 2020.  

In his State of the State address, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton called on the legislature to take the next big leap toward a sustainable energy future.  Omnibus energy bills that are being considered by the Minnesota State House and Senate include provisions that would move the state toward this goal.  

The House omnibus energy bill, H.F. 956, includes a proposal to expand the RES to 40% by 2030.  The Senate omnibus energy bill, S.F. 901, includes a proposal to conduct a 40% by 2030 renewable energy transmission and integration study, which would lay the foundation for the expanded renewable energy standard.  Both of these bills also include new requirements to create a solar standard and expand the use of distributed generation throughout Minnesota.

Please contact your state-level elected officials today.  Start by entering your zip code below.  Tell them that they should support an expansion of Minnesota’s RES policy.  We have created a template email for you, but encourage you to personalize it, as your unique words will have a more lasting impact on your legislator.


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