FERC nukes wind, or something like that

FERC nukes wind, or something like that

You don't need to understand all the details of the Westar case unless you are a utility lawyer or particular fan of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's (FERC) intricacies. All you need to know is that FERC has given the Kansas utility the green light to charge a wind developer an exorbitant charge to connect to the grid.

Rob Gramlich, AWEA's senior vice president for public policy, said, “This flawed order, unless corrected on rehearing, sets a precedent that would add significant new costs to renewable energy nationally.”

FERC accepted Westar's statement of the cost of integrating wind into the grid without granting the industry a chance to rebut Westar's proposal.

“We are surprised and disappointed that FERC would approve, without even an evidentiary hearing, a proposal that discriminates against renewables and assesses charges well above their costs,” Gramlich added.

If you want to read the flawed decision click here. And stay tuned because this case is not over.


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