Georgia Mt. Community Wind produces 1 million kWh in single week

Georgia Mt. Community Wind produces 1 million kWh in single week

The Georgia Mountain Community Wind farm (GMCW) in Milton, Vt., on which construction was completed December 31, 2012, produced more than 1 million kWh in a single week, according to a news release from the project developer.

During the first week in April, the community wind farm operated at a 63.7 percent capacity factor, producing enough energy to meet 17 percent of the City of Burlington's entire electricity needs.

GMCW will produce an estimated 27 million kWh annually.

The project is owned by two local business leaders and life-long Vermonters: renewable energy manufacturer and developer David Blittersdorf and Georgia Mountain Maples operator Jim Harrison/the Harrison Family.

The energy from the project is providing approximately 8 percent of Burlington Electric Department’s (BED) electricity demand through a long-term stably priced contract.

When the project was commissioned in late 2012, Burlington Electric Department General Manager Barbara Grimes commented, “This project fits perfectly into BED’s sustainability goals. We are moving toward a 100 percent renewable power portfolio, and we like power close to home so that these dollars recirculate in the economy.  Projects such as Georgia Mountain Community Wind are pro-environment and pro-economy.”

More information can be found at www.georgiamountainwind.com.

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