Governors and Mayors across the country recognize #AmericanWindWeek

Governors and Mayors across the country recognize #AmericanWindWeek

Towns and cities across the country have been holding events this week recognizing America’s wind power leadership, and the conversation has boomed on social media. But governors and mayors from coast to coast have weighed in too.

Republican and Democrat lawmakers alike have declared this a week to celebrate wind power. That includes proclamations from more than a dozen states, two of the country’s five most populous cities, and small towns across the heartland. These proclamations recognize wind’s many various, including $2.9 billion of private investment in New Mexico through 2017, wind’s Texas success story, and an offshore wind energy potential of 600 terawatt-hours per year in North Carolina, second-highest potential of any state in the nation.

Explore this map for a full accounting of all of this year’s wind week proclamations:

Thanks to nationwide grassroots efforts, more than two dozen communities are officially recognizing #AmericanWindWeek. Whether you’re a member of one of these communities or not, you can help us finish wind week 2018 strong by posting on social media using #AmericanWindWeek!


Elizabeth Haraburda is AWEA’s Public Affairs Summer Intern, concentrating on helping American Wind Week 2018 become a success. She is an incoming senior at Dickinson College pursuing a Bachelor of the Arts in French & Francophone Studies and International Studies, with a concentration in Globalization and Sustainability and a minor in Economics.

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