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Hundreds of U.S. businesses urge Congress to pass tax extenders

Hundreds of U.S. businesses urge Congress to pass tax extenders

Over the last two days, hundreds of U.S. businesses have taken action by urging Congress now is the time to act on tax extenders.  

Today, more than 450 businesses, companies and other organizations sent a letter to Congress calling on them to continue the successful clean energy tax provisions helping to grow clean energy, including wind power, improve its technology and lower costs

The Business Council for Sustainable Energy, a coalition that includes members like WalMart and QualComm, explained why the clean energy tax provisions were so important this way:

“Businesses and investors need stable, predictable federal tax policy to create jobs, invest capital, and deploy pollution-reducing energy technologies. Allowing the lapsed clean energy tax provisions to languish undermines investor confidence and jeopardizes continued economic and environmental benefits.”

The 450 groups represents an increase of approximately 150 over the total amount of groups who sent a similar letter to Congress this past June

And yesterday, more than 500 organizations, inlcuding the National Association of Manufacturers, the American Farm Bureau, local chambers of commerce and many others, called on Congress to pass tax extenders. In their own letter, the groups said these tax provisions “are critically important to U.S. jobs and the broader economy” and failing to do so would be equivalent to a “tax increase.”

In the letter, the groups further explained that any delay would “result in an immediate negative impact on the economy.”

U.S. businesses are letting Congress there’s still work to be done this year. And that work includes passing these critical tax provisions. Will they listen?


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