#iheartwind shows outpouring of love for clean energy

#iheartwind shows outpouring of love for clean energy

During February, over a million people saw the variety of reasons that Americans support clean, affordable, homegrown wind energy through #iheartwind.

The #iheartwind social media campaign generated 1,260 posts by 783 users (including 205 original posts), reaching nearly 1.23 million people and making almost 7.27 million impressions according to the social monitor Keyhole.

What are the top words that people think of when they think of wind energy? “clean” “renewable” “power” that doesn’t “spill” or “explode,” creates “jobs,” protects the “planet” and “future,” uses no “fuel,” and is here to “help” “today”!

Below are some of the top posts of the campaign, which reached a fever pitch around Valentine’s Day. Thanks to everyone who participated – we’ve highlighted even more posts at Storify.


AWEA CEO Tom Kiernan


MustangMere (Life Among Giants)



Green Building Magazine

Iberdrola Renewables




Climate Reality

League of Conservation Voters





Shauna Theel is the Deputy Director of Digital Media at the American Wind Energy Association. She oversees AWEA's digital media content and strategy, ensuring that the message of clean, affordable, and American wind power is heard loud and clear across media platforms. Prior to joining AWEA, she worked at the watchdog group Media Matters for America for four years. As the Climate and Energy Program Director at Media Matters, she oversaw the group's rapid response communications, long-term research analyses, and outreach efforts related to energy and environmental policy. In this role, she served as the public face of the team, giving interviews to press outlets, and giving presentations everywhere from Capitol Hill to the National Press Club. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Political Science.

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