Iowa Lakes wind technology teacher, 47, dies

Iowa Lakes wind technology teacher, 47, dies

Craig Evert, 47, an Assistant Professor in the Wind Energy and Turbine Technology program at Iowa Lakes Community College, died February 12 at a hospital in Sioux Falls, S.D.

Rob Hach, an Iowa wind industry leader, described Mr. Evert as a "wind energy icon," and an obituary for him which appeared in the Spencer (Iowa) Daily Reporter included the following: "Coworkers say that he was a good role model to his students, always positive and truly enjoyed teaching. He was also a great mentor to his students, one of [whom] said, “Teachers of his quality and character are irreplaceable …

"Since he was a small boy reading the encyclopedia, Craig has never stopped loving to read. It was nothing for him to be reading three books and numerous periodicals at one time. From childhood to adulthood, Craig tinkered, always inquisitive about how things worked and usually taking them apart to find out. He was creative, generous, fun and full of life, and always had a smile for you. Always active, he loved being outdoors on a bicycle; in 2012, he rode 1,200 miles. He loved his family, his co-workers and students."

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