Is dirty energy also 'fat energy?'

Is dirty energy also 'fat energy?'

(A recent opinion article in my local newspaper, which posts very little of its content online, prompted this brief letter to the editor. I have added a link to the study referenced and to an article for further reading.)

To the Editor:

A recent opinion column (“Obesity Epidemic: Don't Blame the Air,” Dec. 10) mocks various explanations for America's obesity epidemic and accompanies them with a homily on self-reliance and avoiding victimization. One of the “foolish” explanations referenced is a recent Ohio study linking fine air particulates with obesity in laboratory mice. At the end of the column, the author's affiliation is noted–he is “a physician and a senior fellow with the Manhattan Institute.” What is omitted, however, is that the Manhattan Institute receives funding from Koch Industries, a Kansas-based oil and gas company that is one of the largest privately-held firms in the U.S. and a noteworthy polluter. Those interested in reviewing the Ohio study can simply search on “particulate” and “obesity” and read it for themselves. I'd recommend doing so, and also becoming educated on Koch Industries, before relying on the advice of a fossil-fuel-funded “think tank.”
Further reading:

Koch Industries wins uncoveted Snake Oil Award, 11/17/10


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