Join us at the Northeast Regional Forum on July 19 and 20

Join us to hear how the Northeast is a wind power policy leader.
Join us at the Northeast Regional Forum on July 19 and 20

While states like Texas, Iowa and California often make headlines for their renewable energy progress, in many ways, it’s the Northeast that leads the way in clean power policy innovation.

That’s why it’s an exciting time to attend the AWEA Northeast Regional Forum on July 19 and 20, where you can learn about the policies driving new renewable energy development while gaining an understanding of the challenges that lie ahead.

Rhode Island and Washington, D.C. both recently passed laws boosting their renewable portfolio standards (RPS).  Meanwhile New York is currently designing an RPS increase that would put it in the 50 percent and beyond club, joining California, Oregon, Hawaii and Vermont. Proof that one of our most populous and prosperous states is proving it can be those things while also being one of the cleanest.

Last year, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut worked together in an unprecedented way to issue a tri-state clean energy RFP that created a huge opportunity for wind energy in the region. And the Massachusetts Senate recently proposed a bill that would create an opportunity for vast new renewable energy development, as well as a program to support up to 2,000 megawatts of offshore wind energy. The state’s Republican governor, Charlie Baker, has voiced support for increased clean power, proof that in the Northeast renewable energy crosses party lines.

However, the Northeast’s signature policy development may be its long-term contract structures. These are the gold standard for actually getting clean energy projects built, and they ultimately protect ratepayers by achieving the lowest price for clean energy.

Join the experts at AWEA’s Northeast Regional Forum for in-depth discussions of these topics a and more. You can also expect to learn about:

  • Where wind power stands today in the Northeast and the critical issues specific to the region.
  • The market and policies in the region, specifically the various growth strategies and demand drivers.
  • Critical issues affecting offshore wind development, siting and wildlife and transmission infrastructure needs, as well as manufacturing and supply chain opportunities in the region.
  • The utility issues that can secure cost-effective wind energy supply, job growth and economic development opportunities.

So make sure to join us this July 19 and 20 in Portland, Maine for AWEA’s Northeast Regional Forum. See you there!


Andrew Gohn is the Eastern Region Director on AWEA’s State Policy team. Before joining AWEA, he spent six years at the Maryland Energy Administration, advancing wind energy development in the state. He worked to develop and enact the Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act, as well as several major legislative and administrative efforts that supported deployment of the state’s first 180 MW of wind power. Prior to working for Maryland, Andrew interned at the Business Council for Sustainable Energy and spent time developing environmental policy in the office of Sen. Ben Cardin. He received a law degree from University of Maryland in 2009 and remains a member of the Maryland bar in good standing.

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