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    Brevity is the soul of wit for Cape Wind project

    The contrast could not have been more pronounced. First, in response to an issue raised by two Massachusetts Native American tribes, the Keeper of the National Register of Historic Places, part of the National Park Service, issued a seven-page statement explaining why all of Nantucket Sound was eligible to be included on...

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    Dust off record books–Spain, Portugal hit new wind highs

    2009 closed with a figurative bang in the wind integration field, with Spain setting a new national record December 30–54% of instantaneous electricity supply. Spain's latest achievement (it had reached 53% during November) underlined the fact that the Iberian peninsula has become a global leader in wind power's use. At a workshop...

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    AWEA: Wind Power Trends to Watch For in 2010

     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Shawna Seldon (917) 971 7852 (cell) December 28, 2009 AMERICAN WIND ENERGY ASSOCIATION (AWEA): WIND POWER TRENDS TO WATCH FOR IN 2010 WASHINGTON, D.C. — As the nation looks ahead to 2010, renewable energy will be central to the economic and energy issues that dominate the political...

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    Wind energy challenge for 2010 and beyond

     The wind industry had a good year in 2009, adding at least 7,000 MW of capacity, despite the poor economy. It followed a spectacular 2008 (8,500 MW) and terrific 2007(5,200 MW). What’s next? How does wind energy sustain the momentum and become an even more important part of the energy landscape? How...

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    2009 in review: A significant year for wind energy

     As AWEA prepares to take a holiday break and re-energize for 2010, it's worth looking back on 2009, a year that saw many twists and turns, and stops and starts in the industry, but most of all, signs of long-term vitality, despite short-term obstacles. A few of the good things that happened:...

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    The time is NOW.

    Attendees at the Copenhagen climate conference this week have been treated to a series of arresting images featuring wind power. Here, from the city subway, is another, courtesy of Vestas, the world's largest wind turbine manufacturer.  

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    Expert panel concludes wind turbine sounds not harmful to human health

    A multidisciplinary panel has concluded that the sounds generated by wind turbines are not harmful to human health, the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) said today. Comprising medical doctors, audiologists, and acoustical professionals from the United States, Canada, Denmark, and the United Kingdom, the panel undertook extensive review, analysis, and discussion of...

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