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    Steelworkers on foreign companies, jobs

    Last week provided two outstanding examples of what we need to build a strong green economy in America. On Tuesday, Feb. 16, Spanish manufacturer Ingeteam announced that it will build a wind turbine generator manufacturing facility in Milwaukee, creating 270 jobs over the next five years. And on Thursday, Feb. 18, Spanish...

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    7,000 Jobs for Utah with Renewables, Efficiency: Study

    Guest blog by AWEA's Carl Levesque A recently released study finds that new renewable energy and energy efficiency investments in Utah could yield significant economic benefits for the state by 2020, including the creation of 7,000 net ongoing jobs, nearly $310 million in net annual earnings, and a $300 million net annual...

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    WINDPOWER 2010 in Dallas: Registration is open

    Are you planning to come to WINDPOWER 2010 in Dallas in May? You can register on line. Take advantage of early registration discounts until March 29. Into the Wind will be there!  

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    The wind industry's Atticus Finch

    DENVER – In many ways, AWEA’s siting workshop was defined by someone who was not here. Several times during the two-day meeting, speakers began their presentation with a tribute to Andy Linehan, the siting specialist with Iberdrola Renewables who died recently. (They also flashed a picture on the huge screens in the...

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    Registration for must-attend event, WP10, opens

    You've saved the date (we hope, heheh) and now it's time to get in on the action, with online registration now open for the WINDPOWER 2010 Conference & Exhibition, scheduled this year for May 23-26 in Dallas, Tex. WINDPOWER is the world's largest conference and exhibition devoted to the business of wind...

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    The latest state wind resource numbers

    What are we waiting for? The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has released new assessments of state wind resources, and the good news is we have more wind potential than we thought. The bad news is we are not doing everything we can to take advantage of it. Onshore U.S. wind resources...

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    At siting workshop, information is the coin of the realm

    What do you get when you put a handful of government officials on a workshop panel? Lots of information. At AWEA’s Project Siting Workshop held this week here in Denver, more than 350 attendees learned, for example, about the Air Force’s willingness to work with the industry to resolve conflicts over the...

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    Wind tax issue vexing developers in Wyoming

    Wyoming has great wind, vast open spaces and a healthy appetite for farm income and non-farm jobs. Sounds perfect for new wind power facilities. But while other states are devising incentives to attract wind power projects, Wyoming’s political leaders are throwing obstacles in the path of beneficial wind development in the state....

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