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    More offshore wind news–what's in the water?

    This was a week in which the wind news seemed to move offshore. First, there was Interior Secretary Salazar meeting with interested parties in the long-running Cape Wind drama; Salazar promised to end the suspense–make a decision on the project–by April. Then Fishermen's Energy announced a small but potentially symbolic offshore wind...

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    Fishermen's Energy is betting on Atlantic City

    Getting the first wind turbines offshore the United States has been anything but easy. Now Atlantic City is upping the stakes, and betting it will be the first. At the winter meeting today of the Metropolitan Business and Citizens Association (MBCA) held at the Resorts convention facility, Fishermen's Energy Corp. announced plans...

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    See The Green Civil War in Room for Debate at

     The New York Times online is devoting space to a timely debate over the land use impacts of increased renewable energy use. Here is a sample, a quote from Randy Udall, a Colorado-based energy analyst Quote : The wind and solar potential west of the Mississippi is gargantuan. But today wind provides...

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    Wind Should Get Fair Shake in Wyoming

     In state after state, we’ve seen that having support from key leaders, such as governors, is critical to the development of a thriving wind energy industry, from manufacturing to distribution to wind farm installations that will create jobs and generate tax revenues. So it’s natural that Wyoming wind developers – who want...

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    Ads featuring wind send a powerful message

     If you were watching the NFL playoffs this weekend, you might have seen this ad for Duracell batteries. The brilliant 30-second spot demonstrates the ability of wind turbines to help deliver a powerful, positive message, even when the subject is only tangentially related to wind. It is batteries that are being advertised,...

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    Good news: the economic recovery bill keeps on giving

    It is common practice for the government to release bad news on a Friday, hoping that no one will notice. But today the Obama Administration announced good news: the award of $2.3 billion worth of tax credits for renewable energy manufacturers, including $350 million in awards that will be used to help...

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    News flash: Secretary Salazar to stay at Interior

    The word from Denver is that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has decided not to run for governor of Colorado. This is good news for wind energy advocates, as Salazar has been a major force in the Obama Administration's pro-wind policies. Just this week, for example, he set a deadline for deciding on...

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    China Announces Law to Push Renewables

    China's effort to get serious about renewable energy (and particularly wind) moved to a new level during the holidays, with the announcement of a new law that, according to the Wall Street Journal, “will force powerful state-owned electric grid companies, responsible for distributing electricity from power plants, to buy all the electricity...

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