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    Expert panel concludes wind turbine sounds not harmful to human health

    A multidisciplinary panel has concluded that the sounds generated by wind turbines are not harmful to human health, the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) said today. Comprising medical doctors, audiologists, and acoustical professionals from the United States, Canada, Denmark, and the United Kingdom, the panel undertook extensive review, analysis, and discussion of...

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    Scratch another complaint about wind off the list

    AWEA has been busy this past year knocking down pseudo reports about the supposed problems caused by wind energy projects. At last, some good news. A new report released today by the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory finds that proximity to wind energy facilities "does not have a...

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    Wind energy and birds: No double standard

    Recently, the Wall Street Journal reprinted an opinion article titled "Windmills Are Killing Our Birds," by Robert Bryce. (It was the second anti-wind item from Mr. Bryce that has turned up in the Journal in the past few weeks—our response to the earlier one is here.) Briefly, Mr. Bryce’s most recent argument...

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    Interior, FERC agree on offshore rules

    The U.S. Interior Department and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission announced agreement today on rules that will govern permitting of renewable energy facilities in offshore waters. The memorandum of understanding between the two agencies will eventually clear the way for some offshore wind projects that faced uncertainty until now. “Our renewable energy is...

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    Global forecast: Wind capacity will triple in five years

    Wind industry leaders from around the world are gathering at the European Wind Energy Conference in Marseilles this week, where they are going to hear at least some good news, despite the global economic woes: wind capacity is still growing and will continue on that path. The report from the Global Wind...

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    Getting transmission right

    As Congress moves closer to passing transmission legislation to facilitate a green power superhighway, critics are coming out of the woodwork. We'll try to answer them here on this blog. A New York Times op-ed recently argued against building a new, high capacity transmission system–the green power superhighway–on the grounds that it...

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    Maryland's Dan's Mountain project moves closer to approval

    Word comes from Baltimore today that the Maryland Public Service Commission acted to grant the Dan's Mountain WindForce project fast track status through the review process, if certain conditions are met. The project, in the far western part of the state in Allegany Country, would be the first major wind farm in...

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    Wind and jobs continue growing in Midwest

    What's a wind industry “supply chain?” To find out, you'll have to go to Appleton Wisconsin March 31. And say hello to Gov. Jim Doyle while you are there. Manufacturing related to the wind industry–that's the supply chain–has become a bright spot in the middle of the recession-darkened economy. Over 8,000 components...

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