Remembering Randy Udall

Remembering Randy Udall
Larry Flowers, AWEA's Deputy Director for Distributed and Community Wind and a long-time resident of Colorado, knew Randy Udall well and offered the following remembrance after Randy's recent death

Randy always thoroughly researched his topic before making his informative, entertaining, and inspirational presentation on same, whether it be natural gas, peak oil, coal in China, climate change, methane capture, efficiency, or renewables.  He would almost become an expert on the topic before taking a position.  He wouldn't just accept someone's word on the subject , but did independent analysis and research.

He was respected by those he didn't agree with, primarily because he had done his homework and didn't overstate the facts ….. he believed in the saying he often quoted: "Everyone is entitled to his opinion, but not his facts."

Popo Agie Wilderness, Wind River Range. Randy Udall's body was

found in the Wind River Range after he failed to return from a solo

He pioneered efficiency, renewables, and methane capture in his own backyard by creating CORE [the Aspen, Colo., Community Office of Resource Efficiency] in the Roaring Fork Valley and developing a working relationship with the local utility, Holy Cross Electric Cooperative.  

He was an immensely gifted writer and speaker on behalf of renewables and the environment. His message, which included the American ingenuity of the Wright Brothers and Amelia Earhart, was one of hope, despite the circumstances.  

He was incredibly humble and other oriented, never seeking the spotlight, but also never afraid to address the tough questions and situations.

To all of us who knew him, he was almost bigger than life, but always ready to help and serve, with passion, humor, and intellect.  

I will treasure my personal relationship with him; he guided my two kids up two of the most dangerous and difficult of the CO 14ers [14,000-foot peaks].  I trusted him and his skills with my most precious possessions. Now he's gone, but his inspiration, commitment to fight the good fight (with the facts), and be humble in that pursuit will remain with many of us who were so privileged to walk alongside Randy.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Shoshone National Forest



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