Rene Braud receives AWEA’s Andrew Linehan Award for Environmental Excellence

Rene Braud receives AWEA’s Andrew Linehan Award for Environmental Excellence
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Rene Braud, Director of Environmental Policy and Compliance at Pattern Energy, was recognized Tuesday evening with the Andrew Linehan Award for Environmental Excellence at AWEA’s annual Wind Project Siting and Environmental Compliance Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Rene Braud accepting Linehan Award.

The Linehan Award is presented to leaders in the siting community who demonstrate enthusiasm for the wind industry and the environment by consistently striving to improve the industry’s siting practices. These efforts make important contributions to wind power having the lowest impacts of any utility-scale energy source on wildlife and natural habitats.

Braud earned this year’s Award for Environmental Excellence for her leadership and example within industry’s siting community, easily surpassing the evaluation criteria. She has been with Pattern Energy for seven years and brings nearly 25 years of experience in energy permitting to the table.

Over her last 17 years in the wind industry, Braud demonstrated a constant drive to protect and improve the industry’s record of environmental stewardship. In 2010, she was the recipient of AWEA’s Special Achievement award for environmental leadership. But she didn’t stop there.

Since 2010, Braud has also taken on a leadership role as a member of the Board of Directors of the American Wind Wildlife Institute, an organization founded in 2008 by the wind industry and conservation and science organizations aimed at achieving wind energy’s full conservation potential.

Ms. Braud and Tom Kiernan, CEO of AWEA

Rene Braud continues the work of the Linehan Award’s namesake, Andrew “Andy” Linehan, an environmental and siting champion for the wind industry and close friend of Rene’s who passed away in January 2010. His work and memory are honored by recognizing outstanding individuals carrying on this important endeavor.

“He was known for tackling controversial issues with a pioneering approach characterized by total inclusiveness, ensuring that all stakeholders and viewpoints had a place at the table,” said Braud. “This is how I remember Andy – He brought everyone to the table. Winning this award is the peak of my professional career.”

Join AWEA in congratulating Rene Braud for her dedication to environmental responsibility and her contributions to American wind power.


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