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    Pyle spreads misinformation about wind power far and wide

    Recently, newspapers in several states across the country have published similar opinion pieces by former lobbyist for...

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    Fact check: American Energy Alliance errs with attacks on wind

    The American Energy Alliance (AEA), a fossil-fuel funded organization, has released a new document attacking wind energy.  The document purports to be a “study” based on “research,” but contains no new information or analysis—it is simply an advocacy piece that is entirely subjective, funded by an organization with a particular point of...

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    Danish wind power and carbon emissions cuts

    Guest blog by John B. Cadogan, Ph.D. The issue of wind energy's contribution to Denmark's electric supply arose in response to an op-ed by Robert Bryce in Sunday's Washington Post in which Bryce alleged that the displacement of carbon dioxide emissions in Denmark by wind energy was a myth. The Huffington Post...

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