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    Fact check: Bryce missteps on wind and birds

    Robert Bryce, of the fossil-fuel-funded Manhattan Institute, had another attack on wind in the Wall Street Journal yesterday.  The following was posted as a comment. Despite the attacks penned by Mr. Bryce, the fact remains that the wind industry maintains a positive, proactive approach to protecting wildlife. In fact, the US Fish...

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    Colorado collaboration: Wind companies, conservation groups agree on wildlife best practices

    "Colorado's Eastern Plains are a bit safer for prairie chickens — lesser and greater — and a spate of other animals and plants as the result of a unique partnership between conservation groups and the wind industry." That's Denver Post reporter Mark Jaffe, describing a recent agreement by five environmental groups and...

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    The Fish & Wildlife Eagle Permit Rule: Our perspective

    In the past few days, several news sources have carried stories about the developer of a proposed wind farm seeking an "incidental take permit" for golden eagles. Here are some important facts people should know about this issue, and about the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service's Eagle Permit Rule: Wind power is...

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    Wind power’s impact on birds: modest

    A bird conservation group recently said it is formally seeking stronger restrictions on wind power from the...

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    Bird fatalities at Laurel Mountain substation

    On Oct. 29, the Charleston (W. Va.) Gazette carried a story concerning a large number of bird fatalities at a West Virginia wind farm.  The following is a letter to the editor from AWEA Director of Siting Policy John Anderson. To the Editor: Regarding your recent story on bird collisions at the...

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    Birds and wind: Bad news leads, good news in weeds

    The Washington Post carried a bad news/good news story on birds and wind power yesterday.  That's always the order of things–as the old newspaper saw puts it succinctly, "If it bleeds, it leads." The headline was a downer, and so were the first six or seven paragraphs.  On the plus side, the...

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    Fact check: Fox News off base on bird collisions

    FoxNews.Com carried a story on bird collisions a few days ago with a number of misleading statements.  We covered much of the same ground with a response to the Los Angeles Times in early June (see "News story draws questionable conclusions from eagle collisions with old turbines," June 6, 2011), and won't...

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    News story draws questionable conclusions from eagle collisions with old turbines

    A story in today's Los Angeles Times uses the long-known phenomenon of golden eagle collisions with wind turbines in California's Altamont Pass to attempt to raise doubts about the state's recently passed Renewable Portfolio Standard, which requires utilities to obtain 33% of their electricity from renewable energy sources by 2020.  Readers of...

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    WINDPOWER report: Whooping cranes may avoid wind farms, more research ahead

    A study of whooping crane and sandhill crane behavior at a wind farm in South Dakota suggests that cranes may avoid wind farms, reducing risk of collision deaths for the iconic endangered whooping crane.  However, more data will be needed on whooping crane behavior and on the degree to which avoidance may...

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    Wind developer launches intensive avian monitoring program

    As part of its ongoing efforts to develop an environmentally responsible wind energy project, Power Company of Wyoming, LLC,  (PCW) said last week that it has started an intensive avian monitoring program at its proposed wind project site. A sophisticated avian radar system was installed in March on the Overland Trail Cattle...

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