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    Fact check: Bryce bypasses facts, bashes clean energy

    The irrepressible Robert Bryce, of the fossil-fuel-funded Manhattan Institute, has a recent opinion article in the National Review attacking President Obama's energy policy. As usual, Mr. Bryce overlooks some key facts in his rush to condemn clean energy: The cost of wind power is falling.  Wind power's cost has dropped by more...

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    Fact check: Bryce goes astray on jobs, land use, and more

    Robert Bryce, an energy commentator from the Manhattan Institute (which receives funding from oil and gas interests), wrote a recent National Review article comparing the energy output from an oil pipeline with that of the wind power industry.  The following response was posted as a comment.   Mr. Bryce’s article is provocative,...

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    It's a snow job on wind from ABC News

    Last night, while the world was busy with real news, ABC News presented a fictional account of how the Obama Administration's Recovery Act was being used to ship jobs overseas. Apparently no one at ABC or American University, which sponsored the bogus reporting directly to ABC, understands the way the global economy...

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    AWEA reaches out to rural electric co-ops

    AWEA traveled to Tech Advantage last weekend to plug into the concerns of the members of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA). NRECA's conference and expo attracts several thousand representatives each year from these rural electric utilities — many located in the windiest part of the United States. AWEA’s Jeff Anthony,...

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