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  • Renewable Portfolio Standards
    AWEA issues nationwide assessment of renewable portfolio standard policies

    The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) has released the AWEA RPS Assessment 2015, a review of nationwide...

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    Wind turbine blade maker adding 850 jobs in U.S.

    Wind turbine blade manufacturer LM Wind Power is boosting capacity in its U.S. manufacturing base, adding more...

  • Fact Check
    Fact check: Wind power benefits consumers and environment, in Germany and U.S.

    Several recent press articles, including one in the New York Times, have misrepresented the consumer and environmental...

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    Wind power good for America: Answering a question that’s already been answered

    Attempting to fact check an opponent when the facts are not on your side is a difficult...

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    Koch-funded Institute for Energy Research fails on facts

    The Institute for Energy Research (IER), a group that represents the interests of fossil fuel energy sources, has a recent blog post that purports to be a “fact check.” Embarrassingly, its fact check not only failed to find a single thing that was incorrect in AWEA’s statements, but also made its own...

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    Fact check: Sen. Alexander's claims about wind energy unfounded

    U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) was featured recently in a USATODAY article about his (perennial) opposition to wind energy. Sen. Alexander has persisted in seeking to undermine the wind industry in Congress for a number of years, even though during that time, the Southeastern U.S. has become a center of manufacturing for...

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    Fact check: AWEA would love for you to know everything about wind energy

    Recently, opponents of wind power have clamored for audiences to learn everything there is to know about wind–definitely a worthwhile goal. One attack piece, from a fossil-fuel funded group, suggested there are things about wind we’d like to hide. On the contrary—we are happy to help inform readers, and have been doing...

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    Investor urges PTC extension, calls for level playing field

    Noting that a series of federal incentives led to the remarkable growth of today's shale gas industry, investor Jeff Perkins, in an op-ed in today's Harrisburg (Pa.) Patriot-News, calls for an extension of wind energy's primary incentive, the federal Production Tax Credit (PTC). Comments Mr. Perkins, "The shale gas revolution didn’t happen...

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    Fact check: American Energy Alliance errs with attacks on wind

    The American Energy Alliance (AEA), a fossil-fuel funded organization, has released a new document attacking wind energy.  The document purports to be a “study” based on “research,” but contains no new information or analysis—it is simply an advocacy piece that is entirely subjective, funded by an organization with a particular point of...

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    International Energy Agency targets fossil fuel subsidies

    In its World Energy Outlook 2011 publication issued Wednesday, the International Energy Agency (IEA) again focused attention on fossil fuel subsidies around the world, noting that in 2010, government subsidies to consumers of gasoline, coal and natural gas amounted to more than six times the amount spent on renewable energy. The Paris-based...

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