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    Fact check: The real story? State RPSs hold strong

    Was Monday opposite day for Bloomberg News? Because the status of state renewable portfolio standards across the...

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    Fact check: GAO report gives misleading picture of federal incentives for wind

    A recently commissioned Government Accountability Office (GAO) report was particularly unusual in singling out the wind industry, since numerous federal programs encourage all the various forms of energy. Federal energy incentives are in place because it has always been in the public interest to ensure stable, low-priced energy, which in turn supports...

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    Fact check: Attack by Locke Foundation's Sanders on N.C. RPS relies on flawed data

    A recent column in the Carolina Journal by Jon Sanders, Director of Regulatory Studies at the fossil fuel- and tobacco-funded John Locke Foundation, criticized North Carolina's Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) law. In doing so, Mr. Sanders ignored real-world data, instead citing analyses from a variety of questionable sources such as the fossil-funded...

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    Fact check: “Windfall” Film Offers Greatest Hits of Misinformation

    Windfall takes aim at clean, renewable wind energy with misinformation. As one movie critic said: “The documentary isn’t big on hard data; instead, Israel allows the majority of her interviewees to deliver anecdotes, speculation, anti-corporate conspiracy theories, and just a few statistics…the movie’s case relies more on emotional appeals and...

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