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    Fact Check: What really causes electricity prices to change?

    A Forbes article by Michael Shellenberger came out this week, focusing on retail electricity prices and how...

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    Fact check: Bell missteps on utility integration of wind power

    In a recent article on fossil fuels, Larry Bell, a columnist for, made several misstatements about wind power. The following response was posted as a comment. Wind power is unlikely to provide a "big growth opportunity" for natural gas. When the wind is blowing, it displaces the most expensive (and typically...

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    Fact check: Silverstein errs on wind's variability, emissions cuts

    In a recent article at, Energy Central Editor Ken Silverstein raised questions about wind's variability and its ability to reduce emissions. It is a common misconception to think that the variability of renewable resources is a unique challenge for grid operators. The reality is that utility system operators are constantly dealing...

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    Fact check: CIEP report on wind integration fatally flawed

    A closer look at a recent Dutch report, from the Clingendael International Energy Programme (CIEP), referenced in a recent article critical of wind indicates that many of the report's conclusions are not valid for the U.S., and some of the conclusions are not even valid for Europe. When these errors are...

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    Fact check: Michaels errs on wind's contribution

    Patrick Michaels, a contrarian climate scientist, posted an article at recently criticizing wind power.  The following response was posted as a comment. Mr. Michaels uses a number of misleading arguments to attack clean energy and promote fossil fuels, which is not surprising considering that he has received a large amount of...

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