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    Fact check: Silverstein off base on transmission for wind

    Ken Silverstein had a story in Wednesday's EnergyBiz insider questioning the likelihood of adequate transmission capacity being available for new power plants using renewable energy sources such as wind. A few facts overlooked in Mr. Silverstein's analysis: More electric transmission capacity benefits us all.  The existing transmission system is antiquated and the...

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    Fact check: Silverstein errs on wind's variability, emissions cuts

    In a recent article at, Energy Central Editor Ken Silverstein raised questions about wind's variability and its ability to reduce emissions. It is a common misconception to think that the variability of renewable resources is a unique challenge for grid operators. The reality is that utility system operators are constantly dealing...

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    How wind energy is integrated on the grid

    A recent trade publication article by Ken Silverstein reported that U.S. utility system operators are concerned about the variability of wind generation and how it may affect system operations. In light of some of the misleading claims expressed in the article, it is important to remember that large amounts of wind energy...

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