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    Real, authentic support for wind power vs. manufactured opposition: A look behind the scenes

    Wind power is supported by a wide majority of Americans and evidence suggests that where there's more...

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    Pyle spreads misinformation about wind power far and wide

    Recently, newspapers in several states across the country have published similar opinion pieces by former lobbyist for...

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    Robert Bryce, King of the NIMBYs

    Robert Bryce, of the Koch Industries- and Exxon-funded Manhattan Institute, continues firing off anti-wind diatribes every day or two.  His latest, in the Huffington Post, breaks some new ground, advising Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA) to beware of upsetting local citizens who oppose solar and wind power projects. It's fascinating reading, not least...

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    Fact check: Bryce out to lunch with latest anti-wind broadside

    Here's just a start on the inaccuracies in Robert Bryce's latest diatribe about wind energy, this time in the Huffington Post of all places, where his column was misleadingly titled, "If Gov. Jerry Brown Wants to "Crush" Opponents of Wind Energy, He'd Better Pack a Lunch." Gov. Brown (D-CA) was talking about...

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    Fact check: Bryce stumbles on land use, sound, steel, benefits

    The New York Times has an opinion article today from Robert Bryce of the Manhattan Institute that criticizes solar and wind power and contains a number of factual errors and omissions.  Mr. Bryce is a frequent critic of wind, on a variety of grounds, and the Manhattan Institute receives funding from Koch...

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