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    Fact check: Bryce errs on emissions, land use

    Long-time wind-basher Robert Bryce has a new Bloomberg column questioning the ability of wind and solar power...

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    Fact check: Bryce misleads on land use, wind power's potential

    The Manhattan Institute's Robert Bryce had another column in yesterday's Wall Street Journal attacking wind power. The following was posted as a comment. The idea that wind power requires immense tracts of land to produce clean, low-cost electricity is simply ludicrous. Mr. Bryce is paid by fossil fuel interests to attack wind...

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    Fact check: American Enterprise Institute epic FAIL on study of wind costs

    We were recently alerted to a lengthy attack on wind energy that was released by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) in its “Energy and Environment Outlook.” There are many serious errors in the paper, including two major mistakes that completely bring down the central argument of the paper. In a surprising turn,...

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    Fact check: Bryce misleads again on land, sound, resource use

    Robert Bryce, rehashing previous articles written elsewhere, has a new opinion column in City Journal, the in-house publication of his employer, the Manhattan Institute for Public Policy, a group that receives funding from Exxon Mobil and Koch Industries, a major oil & gas producer. Mr. Bryce's latest hymn to energy density, like...

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    Fact check: Bryce whopper on land use

    Robert Bryce, serial attacker of wind power, had another column in his lengthy series in yesterday's Wall Street Journal. The following was posted as a comment on the WSJ website. While Mr. Bryce may not have his facts straight, he at least gets credit for persistence. This piece is nearly identical to...

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    Fact check: Bryce goes astray on jobs, land use, and more

    Robert Bryce, an energy commentator from the Manhattan Institute (which receives funding from oil and gas interests), wrote a recent National Review article comparing the energy output from an oil pipeline with that of the wind power industry.  The following response was posted as a comment.   Mr. Bryce’s article is provocative,...

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    Fact check: Bryce out to lunch with latest anti-wind broadside

    Here's just a start on the inaccuracies in Robert Bryce's latest diatribe about wind energy, this time in the Huffington Post of all places, where his column was misleadingly titled, "If Gov. Jerry Brown Wants to "Crush" Opponents of Wind Energy, He'd Better Pack a Lunch." Gov. Brown (D-CA) was talking about...

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    Fact check: Bryce stumbles on land use, sound, steel, benefits

    The New York Times has an opinion article today from Robert Bryce of the Manhattan Institute that criticizes solar and wind power and contains a number of factual errors and omissions.  Mr. Bryce is a frequent critic of wind, on a variety of grounds, and the Manhattan Institute receives funding from Koch...

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