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    Fact check: CIEP report on wind integration fatally flawed

    A closer look at a recent Dutch report, from the Clingendael International Energy Programme (CIEP), referenced in a recent article critical of wind indicates that many of the report's conclusions are not valid for the U.S., and some of the conclusions are not even valid for Europe. When these errors are...

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    Fact Check: New Dutch report misinformed on wind power and emissions

    As we’ve noted many times before on this blog and in articles elsewhere, the fossil fuel industry and allied groups are engaged in a desperate misinformation campaign to muddy the waters about one of the indisputable benefits of wind energy: its proven record of greatly reducing fossil fuel use and harmful pollution....

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    Dutch study: Integrating large-scale wind works

    A new study by a Dutch researcher concludes that Dutch power stations can integrate large amounts of wind power as long as use is made of up-to-date, improved wind forecasts. The study, by a PHD candidate at TU Delft, also concluded that there is no need for storage facilities because new forecasting...

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