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    How can the ocean help power your air conditioner?

    This article by Simon Mahan is cross-posted from Clean Energy Footprints, the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy...

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    Floating turbine launch seen as sign of progress as America moves toward offshore wind power

    Washington, D.C., May 31, 2013—Today’s launch of “VolturnUS 1:8,” the first grid-connected floating offshore wind turbine to be deployed in the U.S., is “another signal of steady progress toward development of an American offshore wind industry,” according to Christopher Long, Manager of Offshore and Siting Policy for the American Wind Energy Association...

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    Apple, Walmart highlight big-name corporations’ move to renewables

    The next time you download a song from iTunes, you can rest assured that renewable energy is 100 percent behind it. Recently, high-tech giant Apple, the largest-ever U.S. company based on stock value, said that its data centers are now 100 percent powered by renewable energy. The company’s goal, it says, is...

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    PRESS RELEASE: AWEA applauds DOE investment in offshore wind industry

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CONTACT: Ellen Carey 202.249.7357 "AWEA applauds the winning teams and Secretary Chu and...

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    Offshore Wind: America’s New Energy Opportunity

    We must act urgently to support the development of the first generation of offshore wind projects in the United States in order to capture a new American manufacturing opportunity and create thousands of new American jobs.  Newly created manufacturing facilities and the associated jobs will be located in some of the areas...

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