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    Public opinion watch: It's a landslide: 87% of Illinois voters want more renewable energy

      Nearly 77 percent back legislation to fix state's Renewable Portfolio Standard Wide majorities of likely Illinois...

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    Public opinion watch: Vermont poll yet again finds strong support for wind power

      After a great deal of contentious public debate and heavy media coverage, Vermonters continue to support the...

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    Fact check: Brookings’s Ebinger off target with wind criticism

    Charles K. Ebinger’s January 7 Brookings opinion piece about the production tax credit does get one thing right. It is true that over a project’s lifetime, wind power ultimately drives investment and consumer savings that more than pays for the tax relief it receives. That’s the result of a smart and worthwhile...

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    Public Opinion Watch: Two more polls confirm popularity of clean, renewable energy

    Two new public opinion polls, one national and one conducted in the state of Michigan, have reaffirmed Americans' broad support for clean, renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power. The national survey, from which pertinent results were released last week, was carried out in early September by the Yale Project...

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    National survey: 60 percent of Americans back tax credits for renewable energy

    A recently released Texas A&M University National Energy Opinion Poll finds that 60 percent of Americans support "tax cuts for companies to develop renewable energy technologies," and 21 percent favor focusing on wind power development (second only to solar power). According to the national survey, 59 percent of those responding also favored...

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    Public opinion watch: Ontarians: Wind power one of safest forms of electricity generation

    In the Canadian province of Ontario, where the health effects of wind turbine sound have been hotly debated for many months, the public doesn't seem convinced that there's a problem. According to a public opinion poll commissioned by the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) and conducted by Oracle Research, 78 percent of...

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    Fact check: Bryce misleads again on land, sound, resource use

    Robert Bryce, rehashing previous articles written elsewhere, has a new opinion column in City Journal, the in-house publication of his employer, the Manhattan Institute for Public Policy, a group that receives funding from Exxon Mobil and Koch Industries, a major oil & gas producer. Mr. Bryce's latest hymn to energy density, like...

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    Fact check: Bryce errs on incentives, wind's popularity

    It is not surprising that a fossil fuel funded energy “expert” would try to tear down wind energy. The wind sector has enjoyed tremendous growth, adding more than a third of all new generation in the U.S. since 2007 while adding jobs in rural America and revitalizing our homegrown American manufacturing base....

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    Robert Bryce, King of the NIMBYs

    Robert Bryce, of the Koch Industries- and Exxon-funded Manhattan Institute, continues firing off anti-wind diatribes every day or two.  His latest, in the Huffington Post, breaks some new ground, advising Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA) to beware of upsetting local citizens who oppose solar and wind power projects. It's fascinating reading, not least...

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