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    Winter is coming: Cold-related injury prevention awareness

    As winter approaches temperatures are dropping. It’s essential to be aware of cold-related injuries. According to the National...

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    Bringing wind energy to Super Bowl XLIX

    Last week, The Arizona Republic reported that the Arizona-based Salt River Project will be providing free wind...

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    Wind turbines withstand tornado with nearly 300-mph winds

    Last week, the widest tornado ever measured on Earth ripped through Canadian County, Okla., destroying many homes...

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    Hurricane Sandy's impact on wind installations minimal

    As power infrastructure was in the path of Hurricane Sandy this past week, AWEA connected with wind project owners and operators to assess the impact on wind power projects in the Northeast.  It appears that Hurricane Sandy has had some, but minimal, on the wind turbines in its path, according to early...

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    Hurricane Irene and its impact on wind farms

    This is the final blog in a three part series examining how natural disasters like hurricanes impact our energy generation.   In the past decade, wind turbines have...

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    Fact check: Los Angeles Times misleads on safety in wind industry

    Following last weekend’s articles citing local anti-wind activists and groups with very little balance, the Los Angeles Times published another article Wednesday with a variety of misleading allegations about allegedly unsafe practices in the wind power industry. This latest article, like the ones before it, relied on uninformed speculation by people who...

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