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    Fact check: American Tradition Institute’s Taylor and Tanton blowing smoke on wind incentive

    The Washington Times, which has carried many anti-wind columns over the past year, published another recently, filled with the usual errors, by George Taylor and Tom Tanton of the American Tradition Institute (ATI) concerning a recent report they have authored for ATI. Wind energy’s primary incentive, the production tax credit (PTC), has...

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    Fact check: Trzupek Washington Times op-ed off base on wind's cost, utility integration

    Today's Washington Times carries an opinion column by chemist and environmental consultant Rich Trzupek with some erroneous statements about wind power. Here are the facts on wind's cost and its integration into electric utility systems, the two wind-related issues on which Mr. Trzupek is misinformed. The cost of wind-generated electricity is very...

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