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    Drought sears South Central states; wind power saving water

    The numbers on the drought gripping the South Central U.S. are grim–68 percent of Oklahoma "exceptional" (worst) or "extreme," 79 percent of New Mexico, 83 percent of Louisiana, and a stunning 92 percent of Texas–but the effects are even more so. A sampling from a drought report in AgriLife Today, a publication...

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    Think tank: Water needs may limit shale gas, some renewables

    A study from the World Policy Institute (WPI), presented recently before the New America Foundation in Washington, D.C., finds that droughts may hamper the development of natural gas from shale (shale gas) and some renewable energy technologies, notably hydropower, biofuels and solar thermal electric generation. An article in the British newspaper The...

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    Water anxiety?: Wind power can help

    The key issue causing electric utility executive heartburn these days, reports Fast Company's Ariel Schwartz, is water. From a strategic standpoint, that's good news for wind power, which uses virtually no water, while all types of thermal generation (coal, gas and nuclear) use a LOT. According to the U.S. Department of Energy...

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    Mythbusting fact: Wind power is valuable even if the wind doesn't blow all the time

    A common fallacy promoted by anti-wind groups is that because wind cannot replace fueled power plants (they're needed when the wind doesn't blow), wind power has no value. Setting aside for the moment the fact that no power plant runs 100% of the time, here's a simple way of looking at the...

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