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    How wind energy is integrated on the grid

    A recent trade publication article by Ken Silverstein reported that U.S. utility system operators are concerned about the variability of wind generation and how it may affect system operations. In light of some of the misleading claims expressed in the article, it is important to remember that large amounts of wind energy...

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    Worth reading: two articles on Texas blackouts

    Among the many articles written (and still more to come) in the wake of last week's rolling blackouts in Texas are two well worth reading. The first, by Eli Kintisch of Science magazine, is entitled "When Wind Is Reliable: Turbines Help Texans Avoid the Dark," touches on the fact that wind energy...

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    Wind energy helps save day…

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Michael Goggin, 202-302-9670 cell, Friday, February 4, 2011 Wind Energy Helps Save Day as Fossil Fuel Plants Falter and Electricity Demand Surges Across Plains Due to Winter Storm Across the Great Plains this week, wind energy played a major role in helping keep the lights on as...

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    Wind turbine bird threat modest

    The science of avian collisions with wind turbines continues to demonstrate, despite the concerns of some conservation groups, that the threat to birds from turbines is modest compared with other human structures and activities. A recent paper by Kerlinger et al appearing in The Wilson Journal of Ornithology examines the effect of...

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    Editorial: How serious is threat to birds?

    "Wind farm sites are checked by experts and conservationists to determine their possible impact on the environment, including local and migratory birds, according to officials with the Nebraska Public Power District and Mid-American Energy Co. An NPPD spokesman said the utility monitors bird kills at its wind sites but hasnʼt seen anything...

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    Fact check: Bryce omits mention of fossil fuel subsidies

    In his latest attack on renewable energy, Robert Bryce of the Manhattan Institute incorrectly characterizes the 1603 tax credit program extension as a Congressional bailout. Bryce conveniently forgets to mention that our government's permanent subsidies for fossil fuel generation greatly outweigh the small, short-lived incentives provided for wind energy. Wind energy...

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    Scientists, doctor weigh in on wind and health

    This past week saw two strong public statements on the sound emitted by wind turbines and the broader (positive) public health effects of wind energy. The first article, largely concerned directly with wind turbine sound, appeared in the Oregonian and was authored by Robert McCunney, Robert Dobie, and David Lipscomb. McCunney is...

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    Policies to build a domestic wind industry

    AWEA CEO Denise Bode offers thoughts in today’s National Journal energy blog on the policy ingredients needed for America to build a strong, competitive wind turbine manufacturing industry.  

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    Illinois study positive on property values

    A new study of property values on land near a major wind farm in Illinois has come up with some interesting findings. Broadly summarized, the study finds that property values were negatively affected before the wind farm was built, but rebounded after it was in place. The study thus adds to a...

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    Power Hungry? Or just on a low-fact diet?

    Over the weekend I had the misfortune of reading Power Hungry by Robert Bryce. Mr. Bryce is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a Washington think tank that receives a significant amount of funding from the oil and gas industry. Based on the sheer number of incorrect and misleading claims the...

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