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    Sierra Club Canada 1.1: Time to confront anti-wind fear campaign

    Sierra Club Canada last week reposted its report "The REAL Truth About Wind Energy" (see "Sierra Club Canada: Time to confront anti-wind disinformation campaign," June 3, 2011) after the report was briefly removed from the Web due to "notice of legal action," according to an accompanying news release. "People want to know...

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    Fact check: Bryce stumbles on land use, sound, steel, benefits

    The New York Times has an opinion article today from Robert Bryce of the Manhattan Institute that criticizes solar and wind power and contains a number of factual errors and omissions.  Mr. Bryce is a frequent critic of wind, on a variety of grounds, and the Manhattan Institute receives funding from Koch...

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    News story draws questionable conclusions from eagle collisions with old turbines

    A story in today's Los Angeles Times uses the long-known phenomenon of golden eagle collisions with wind turbines in California's Altamont Pass to attempt to raise doubts about the state's recently passed Renewable Portfolio Standard, which requires utilities to obtain 33% of their electricity from renewable energy sources by 2020.  Readers of...

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    Environmental Defence (Canada): 'No Basis' for Health Impact Claims

    A new report released Thursday by the Canadian organization Environmental Defence corrects what the group called "the misinformation being promoted by anti-wind activists around Ontario." Environmental Defence said in a news release that the report, Blowing Smoke: Correcting Anti-Wind Myths in Ontario, "finds that study after study around the world has concluded...

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    Sierra Club Canada: Time to Confront Anti-Wind Disinformation Campaign

    Sierra Club Canada weighed in yesterday with some harsh words for opponents of wind power in Ontario, with the group's Executive Director, John Bennett, saying in part, "Rural Ontarians are being sold a bill of goods when it comes to wind energy. There is no place for disinformation in public dialogue and...

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    WINDPOWER report: Whooping cranes may avoid wind farms, more research ahead

    A study of whooping crane and sandhill crane behavior at a wind farm in South Dakota suggests that cranes may avoid wind farms, reducing risk of collision deaths for the iconic endangered whooping crane.  However, more data will be needed on whooping crane behavior and on the degree to which avoidance may...

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    Wind developer launches intensive avian monitoring program

    As part of its ongoing efforts to develop an environmentally responsible wind energy project, Power Company of Wyoming, LLC,  (PCW) said last week that it has started an intensive avian monitoring program at its proposed wind project site. A sophisticated avian radar system was installed in March on the Overland Trail Cattle...

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    During week of Earth Day, California wind sets record

    California wind farms set a new record for instantaneous generation last week, churning out 2,432 megawatts (MW) to easily best the old record of 1,915 MW. The new mark was announced by the California Independent System Operator (Cal-ISO), the company that manages California's utility system.  Cal-ISO said in an Earth Day news...

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    Does the sound of money soothe Wind Turbine Syndrome?

    That's the provocative suggestion of Australian Simon Chapman, a professor of public health at the University of Sydney, whose recent opinion column effectively demolishes the claim of Dr. Nina Pierpont, a pediatrician, that wind turbine sound is responsible for an ill-defined and poorly documented ailment she calls Wind Turbine Syndrome. Prof. Chapman...

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    Mythbusting fact: Wind power is valuable even if the wind doesn't blow all the time

    A common fallacy promoted by anti-wind groups is that because wind cannot replace fueled power plants (they're needed when the wind doesn't blow), wind power has no value. Setting aside for the moment the fact that no power plant runs 100% of the time, here's a simple way of looking at the...

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