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    As Texas utility system is stressed, wind generation shows up on schedule

     It's been touch-and-go again for the Texas utility system in the past day or two as a record heat wave bakes the state, but wind generation has shown up at levels above what was planned for, helping to keep the air conditioners running and the lights on. As happened in February during...

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    Fact check: Bryce out to lunch with latest anti-wind broadside

    Here's just a start on the inaccuracies in Robert Bryce's latest diatribe about wind energy, this time in the Huffington Post of all places, where his column was misleadingly titled, "If Gov. Jerry Brown Wants to "Crush" Opponents of Wind Energy, He'd Better Pack a Lunch." Gov. Brown (D-CA) was talking about...

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    Drought sears South Central states; wind power saving water

    The numbers on the drought gripping the South Central U.S. are grim–68 percent of Oklahoma "exceptional" (worst) or "extreme," 79 percent of New Mexico, 83 percent of Louisiana, and a stunning 92 percent of Texas–but the effects are even more so. A sampling from a drought report in AgriLife Today, a publication...

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    Bradley, IER continue long crusade against clean energy

    Robert Bradley, of the petro-funded and misleadingly named Institute for Energy Research (Ministry for Fossil Fuel Propaganda, perhaps, would be more precise), continues his lengthy crusade against clean energy with a tirade against subsidies in yesterday's Washington Times.   Given that Mr. Bradley was director of public policy analysis for seven years at...

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    Fact check: Former oil exec misleads on wind reliability, emissions cuts

    The following letter to the editor appeared in today's edition of the Baltimore Sun. As wind energy makes increasing headway in reducing America's dependence on fossil fuels and the harmful emissions associated with their use, the fossil fuel industry has launched an increasingly desperate misinformation campaign to muddy the waters about these...

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    'It turned out that (wind) was exactly what they wanted'

    The Minneapolis Star-Tribune ran a nice positive article and interview by reporter Neal St. Anthony recently about the tenure of Dick Kelly, who is retiring, as CEO of Xcel Energy. Kelly has been instrumental in propelling Xcel into a national leadership position in wind power during his six years as CEO. The...

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    Fact check: Bryce, Bentek miss on emissions

    The fossil fuel lobby continues its misinformation campaign to muddy the waters about one of the indisputable benefits of wind energy–its success in reducing the use of fossil fuels and the harmful emissions associated with their use. The latest attack on clean energy comes from Robert Bryce, a senior fellow at the...

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    Fact check: Utility spokesperson errs on wind integration

      An article that appeared recently in a new energy trade publication, Energy AOL, purported to show "the reality of wind" by extensively quoting negative comments from Kevin Gaden, a spokesperson for the Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska (MEAN). Here are...

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    Think tank: Water needs may limit shale gas, some renewables

    A study from the World Policy Institute (WPI), presented recently before the New America Foundation in Washington, D.C., finds that droughts may hamper the development of natural gas from shale (shale gas) and some renewable energy technologies, notably hydropower, biofuels and solar thermal electric generation. An article in the British newspaper The...

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    Wind power: A quiet solution to climate change

    That's the word from Adam Scott, Green Energy Program Manager for the Canadian group Environmental Defence, who penned an article on the topic in yesterday's Huffington Post. Comments Scott, "Tires on a road, two-stroke whines from snowmobiles, motorcycles and jet-skis, diesel trucks, barking dogs, neighbours, airplanes, trains, music, construction, air conditioners, refrigerators,...

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