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    Fact check: Bryce again misinforms on wind costs/benefits

    Robert Bryce, of the fossil-fuel-funded Manhattan Institute, is at it again. His latest piece of misinformation comes in the form of a new "study" which purports to give the true costs of wind energy in the often-cited 20%-by-2030 scenario (which found that wind could provide 20% of U.S. electric demand less than...

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    More wind power and utility integration: A question already being resolved

    A recent Bloomberg Businessweek editorial opined that large-scale energy storage "makes all the difference" for a renewable energy source like wind power.  The following comment from AWEA Manager of Transmission Policy Michael Goggin was posted in response. In this opinion piece, the Bloomberg editors correctly note the many benefits of renewable energy...

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    Fact check: Bryce errs on incentives, wind's popularity

    It is not surprising that a fossil fuel funded energy “expert” would try to tear down wind energy. The wind sector has enjoyed tremendous growth, adding more than a third of all new generation in the U.S. since 2007 while adding jobs in rural America and revitalizing our homegrown American manufacturing base....

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    Fact check: Hayward misleads on wind and utility systems

    Stephen F. Hayward of the American Enterprise Institute authored a misleading blog article on wind yesterday.  The following response from Michael Goggin, AWEA Manager of Transmission Policy, was posted as a comment. It is unfortunate to see blatantly false claims being masqueraded as a “fact of the week” in Mr. Hayward’s post...

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    Fact check: Michaels errs on wind's contribution

    Patrick Michaels, a contrarian climate scientist, posted an article at recently criticizing wind power.  The following response was posted as a comment. Mr. Michaels uses a number of misleading arguments to attack clean energy and promote fossil fuels, which is not surprising considering that he has received a large amount of...

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    Fact check: Fred Udo's bogus numbers on wind and emissions savings

    A new report (calling it a "study" would be giving it too much credence) on wind power and emissions is circulating in the anti-windosphere. Authored by Fred Udo, it makes the seemingly–and actually–goofy claim that emission reductions from wind, a zero-emissions energy source, are small. How does Mr. Udo achieve this result?...

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    Hurricane Irene and its impact on wind farms

    This is the final blog in a three part series examining how natural disasters like hurricanes impact our energy generation.   In the past decade, wind turbines have...

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    Notion of other energy sources being variable, too, gains traction

    As the previous cross-posted article by Simon Mahan suggests, the fact that no power plant runs 100 percent of the time and that other energy sources besides wind have their issues is beginning to catch the attention of commenters in the blogosphere. Of course, that's not too surprising, since those issues have...

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    Birds and wind: Bad news leads, good news in weeds

    The Washington Post carried a bad news/good news story on birds and wind power yesterday.  That's always the order of things–as the old newspaper saw puts it succinctly, "If it bleeds, it leads." The headline was a downer, and so were the first six or seven paragraphs.  On the plus side, the...

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    Fact check: Fox News off base on bird collisions

    FoxNews.Com carried a story on bird collisions a few days ago with a number of misleading statements.  We covered much of the same ground with a response to the Los Angeles Times in early June (see "News story draws questionable conclusions from eagle collisions with old turbines," June 6, 2011), and won't...

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